Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer II

Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer II

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Sep 14
366 Students
have taken this course.


• Internet access
• Email
• One of the following browsers: 
    o Mozilla Firefox 
    o Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0 or above)
    o Google Chrome
    o Safari
• Adobe PDF  plug-in (a free download obtained at .)


This course is written with Windows software, but Macintosh users will find the software is quite similar and are welcome in this course. Mac users will need to be comfortable with the normal Windows/Mac conversion for keyboard differences which your instructor will provide in class. All coursework and examples are based on Windows using Photoshop CS6 software.   

Students should feel comfortable acquiring digital images, either with a digital camera, using images scanned onto CDs, or scanning film prints.  Basic computer skills, such as using a mouse, creating and accessing folders, and downloading and saving files will be briefly reviewed in this course, but should be familiar to students.

In addition to Internet access for classroom participation, students will need Adobe's Photoshop CS6 installed and functioning to take full advantage of the course.


This class was well presented and I learned a lot. I have now taken Photoshop CS6 for the Digital Photographer I and II. If there was a third class I would take it.

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