Pleasures of Poetry

Pleasures of Poetry
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Dec 10
3,344 Students
have taken this course.


I found the course challenging and even inspiring. As a teacher, Melody Gough had constructive critique methods and always made suggestions with consideration to the student's own creative efforts and abilities. I got actually more out of it than I expected.

I really liked this class and this instructor. The lessons were full of exercises to prepare for the assignment and the instructor was very supportive and a great help in her critique of my work. I appreciated her using her own poetry as examples for us - she is a talented artist.

Melody was helpful and encouraging to all students and gave honest opinions in a positive manner. I enjoyed both the course and her poetry and look forward to reading more of her work.

Our instructor, Melody, opened up a whole new world to me. Poetry is far more than pretty words, it is an art. Through Melody's instruction writing poetry has become a beautiful artistic endeavor. Poetry certainly can add a great deal of enjoyment to one's life.

The instructor was outstanding as was her course presentation in every aspect. Her comments were valuable. Her poetry is exceptional.

This course is so informative. There is material and suggestions above and beyoud the assignments that offer the opportunity to really experience the excitement of writing poetry. I can not praise Melody's ability to draw out the best in a person desire to write poetry. Super!

This course was very educational. Melody Gough, the instructor, is exceptional. She was very open and helpful, attending to our every question. She offered thought-provoking, and gentle feedback, understanding that poets tend to be sensitive. She is apparently knowledgeable in her craft. I would definitely take a follow-up course in poetry if she was the instructor. I trust her with my feelings.

This was a great entry-level course into the world of poetry writing. Melody was a fantastic instructor - she was always encouraging and her critiques of students' submitted work were kind and gentle - always giving us someting to think about. I really enjoyed her teaching style and I learned so much in a non-threatening environment. I would definitely recommend Melody as an instructor.

This was a wonderfully convenient way to take a class I would not have been able to shcedule any other way. I really enjoyed the material and Melody's teaching style. I especially liked that she shared her work and was able to interact through the discussion area. I found that being able to read other students work and comments was very beneficial. I will refer back to this material often, I'm sure. Thanks, Melody.