Pleasures of Poetry

Pleasures of Poetry
Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Dec 10
3,344 Students
have taken this course.


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Week 1

Wednesday - Lesson 01

Getting Started

Friday - Lesson 02

Write What you Know

Week 2

Wednesday - Lesson 03

Line Breaks

Friday - Lesson 04


Week 3

Wednesday - Lesson 05

Writer's Block

Friday - Lesson 06

Repetition and Rhyme

Week 4

Wednesday - Lesson 07

The Art of Revision

Friday - Lesson 08

Sentiment versus sentimentality

Week 5

Wednesday - Lesson 09

Experimentation with language

Friday - Lesson 10

Finding your niche

Week 6

Wednesday - Lesson 11

Publishing Options

Friday - Lesson 12

Publication Specifics


I found the course challenging and even inspiring. As a teacher, Melody Gough had constructive critique methods and always made suggestions with consideration to the student's own creative efforts and abilities. I got actually more out of it than I expected.

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