Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property

Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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Start Dates: Aug 20
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About This Course

Congratulations! You've found the perfect investment property! Now the real work begins: How are you going to pay for it? And how much profit will you make?

Financing your new purchase is hands-down the most confusing piece of the puzzle for buyers investing in real estate. Where do you go to get a good loan? How can you be sure that your investment will make money? What's the best strategy for the market we're in? In "Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property," we'll demystify lending and the world of real estate finance so you know exactly how to profit from your investments.

In today's market, you can get burned by not doing your homework, or by just buying a property and hoping it goes up in value over time. Few investors take the time to really do in-depth analysis on a potential investment. Either they don't know how to do financial analysis, or they find it difficult or unnecessary. Then they wonder why they didn't make as much money as they hoped, or why they didn't sell when they should have. Instead, smart investors take a little time up front to "crunch the numbers" and do thorough financial analysis before committing to a deal. If you have the right information and tools, financial deal analysis can be easy, and yes, even fun! "Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property" will help you uncover the secrets of deal analysis so you can stretch your investment dollar further than ever.

If you're looking to create cash flow, invest for retirement, or simply build wealth, you need to understand how to crunch numbers and make decisions. "Real Estate Investing II: Financing Your Property" will show you how to improve your borrowing power, create more cash flow, and maximize your investments.

We'll also explore what to do if you have credit challenges, are self-employed, have a heavy debt load, or want to invest in new construction or commercial property. We'll look at how to easily perform real estate investment calculations using specially designed Excel worksheets that calculate investment returns, mortgage amortization, cash flow forecasting, and many other functions, even if you're allergic to math!

You'll discover how to find a good loan officer, what questions to ask when shopping for a loan, and how to increase your credit score by 30 points or more overnight! You'll discover a loan that allows you to pick how much you pay each month. You'll also learn about a new loan product that allows you to pay off your mortgage in less than 10 years without making additional payments or paying more than an interest-only payment!

Designed for old pros as well as novice investors, this practical, straightforward guide will shine a light on real estate finance and the mortgage industry, and will walk you step-by-step through the loan process. With special sections on commercial and construction loans, this course will demystify the lending process and put you on your way to financial freedom.

Combined with our first course, "Real Estate Investing," you'll have all the tools you need to make your real estate investing efforts a success!

About The Instructor

Josh Fuhrer

Josh Fuhrer is a real estate investor and developer with over 15 years of experience in single-family homes, and multifamily & commercial properties. For over 10 years, he has run his own real estate development company, focusing on developing and asset managing nearly one million square feet of retail, office, and mixed-use projects. Josh holds a Master's Degree in Real Estate from Georgetown University, and a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development from Portland State University.