Managing Life as a Single Parent

Managing Life as a Single Parent

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Week 1

Wednesday - Lesson 01

In this lesson, you'll learn how divorce and loss affect children and what types of behaviors you may see as a result. You'll find out how to help your children cope with their feelings and bounce back from adversity. And you'll start building a support system that will meet your needs and provide a safety net for your kids.

Friday - Lesson 02

Being consistent can make your job as a parent much easier. Today you'll write a set of rules for your kids, and you'll find out how to establish consequences that will positively shape your kids' behavior.

Week 2

Wednesday - Lesson 03

Learn about the importance of routines, and choose one to work on this week. Also, find out how family meetings can help you communicate with your kids . . . and how you can deal with resistance when you implement a new routine.

Friday - Lesson 04

In this lesson, I'll debunk some of the myths surrounding your child's most challenging behaviors. I'll advise you on how to deal with your child's most difficult behavioral issues head-on, and we'll talk about whom to turn to when you need additional help. You'll also learn to identify warning signs that your child may need further assistance.

Week 3

Wednesday - Lesson 05

Find out how to select the best child care arrangement for you and your child, interview potential providers, and develop a backup child care plan for emergencies. What if your child is older? We'll talk about preparing her to stay home alone . . . once you've determined that she's mature enough for the added responsibility.

Friday - Lesson 06

Knowing where your money is going is especially important when you're a single parent. In this lesson, you'll learn about basic budgeting principles and actually create a preliminary budget. You'll also learn how to save money on everyday items and increase your earning potential.

Week 4

Wednesday - Lesson 07

Learn where to find help when you need it, including legal help and financial help. You'll also find out how to identify additional sources of help in your own community.

Friday - Lesson 08

Setting boundaries and communicating more clearly will make your life much less stressful. In this lesson, you'll learn about boundaries you need to set with your ex and your ex's family. We'll also cover how to communicate more effectively and how to focus on the positives when talking with or about your ex.

Week 5

Wednesday - Lesson 09

How can you maintain your integrity in the midst of conflict? You'll learn specific skills in this lesson, including being assertive (instead of passive or aggressive) and minimizing or preventing conflict.

Friday - Lesson 10

Rediscover your inner strength by paying attention to your own physical and emotional needs, making time for yourself, and pursuing new interests.

Week 6

Wednesday - Lesson 11

Determine whether you're ready to date again, and if so, prepare your kids for the adjustment into this new phase of your life. Create your own set of dating rules, too, so that you can stay safe and make wise dating choices.

Friday - Lesson 12

Do you feel like there's no time to have fun with your kids? Find out how to carve out time on the weekends for fun activities and day trips. Learn how to plan for holidays and vacations, too, and make the most of the time you have together.


The class and instructor were both helpful and informative. I liked the format of the class and feel I learned more than I could have reading a book about single parenting because of the work (quizzes, assignments, final) and interactive environment of lessons, discussions and supplementary material. The instructor knows the topic well and also has a trusting and friendly way of interacting with her students. She provided suggestions, praise and encouragement. I would take another course of hers online if it was a topic if interest to me.

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