Writing Effective Grant Proposals

Writing Effective Grant Proposals

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About This Course

Preparing successful grant proposals to receive funding from corporations or foundations requires careful research, meticulous preparation, and graceful writing. Grant administrators tell us that many grant requestors have no real understanding of the proposal writing process and as a result, their worthy causes lose out.

If you learn how to avoid the errors that lead to the rejection of your proposal, you will be better prepared to help the causes you most admire. This course will walk you through all of the essential steps--including an important discussion of what you must do when the grant arrives!

In this course, you'll learn how to become fully familiar with the institution or project for which you are requesting support. You'll get valuable guidance in preparing a background statement and a brief financial statement to support your request. You'll also research some charitable foundation and corporate giving sources.

Then, you'll learn how to put everything together so you can assemble, write, and submit complete grant proposals to foundations, corporations, and wealthy individuals for any number of your pet projects.

About The Instructor

Jillian Poole

Jillian Poole has raised money for schools and colleges, arts organizations, community organizations – you name it – in the U.S. and abroad. She loves fund raising, because doing so empowers her to make wonderful things happen. She has had many years of hands-on fund raising experience for non-profit organizations, large and small. She taught a graduate course in arts management and fund raising at The American University for 16 years, and authored Managing for Money: A Handbook for International Cultural Institutions, a book that has been translated into six languages.


As a person that started a non-profit about a year and a half ago, this course was an amazing tool. I have to say that especially the supplemental materials were amazingly helpful. Thank you for all the time you put in doing this. It has been a great resource for me.

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