Writing for ESL

Writing for ESL

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Instructor-Led Course
Hours: 24
Duration of Access: 6 weeks
Start Dates: Oct 12, Nov 09, Dec 14, Jan 18
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Dear Dr. Bebawi, This course was an awakening for me. Before I took this course, I had problems with writing and speaking in English. Today, I have completed the course, I have discovered my weaknesses. I will use all the information which I have learned from this course to improve my English skills. I also realize that I have much work to do to move up to the next level. I will not stop learning. Thank you very much for your teaching, Dr. Bebawi.

Dr. Sabri: I want to tell you, "thanks" for this course. I am discovering my weaknesses, and I am trying to improve in my writing of English. This course is valuable for me because it put to me on the right track. See you in another course that I am thinking of taking.

Wow, I really enjoyed taking this course, I've learned a lot, I got the answers for a lot of doubts I had. I loved the way you explained everything, you made it all as clear as possible. Thank You Sabri, because I completed my final exam and I reached my goal...100 % on my score, I was shocked!!! I would recommend this course to my friends, and I would like to take more in the future. It was my first time taking an online course and I liked it.

I would like to briefly make a comment on your course. I have found it hugely resourceful, in particular, Lesson 8. I have been using English everyday for 8 years and I often produce documents at my workplace. I knew that my grammar was not perfect and my sentence organization needed much improvement, yet I hadn't been taught about how to write concisely. I didn't even know English readers prefer concise, to the point writing. My first language prefers writing that contains many descriptive words, so I assumed that English was the same in this regard. Now I know I should aim to produce a rich writing with concise words, not as many words as possible. This was an eye-opener to me. Thank you

I took this course to improve my writing skills and in result I got even more then expected. I became more confident in writing and refreshing my grammar skills. The lessons were written in a easy-to-understand manner. It is especially important for ESL student. There were many useful tips and examples, which helps to understand the material. Dr. Sabri Bebawi is a great instructor and no doubt the expert in this area of studying. I appreciate his feedback and recommendations, they helped a lot during the process of study. So for sure I will recommend Dr. Sabri Bebawi and this course to others!