Course Completion

In order to complete your instructor-led course, you will need to pass the 36 multiple-choice question final exam on the first attempt. As you go through the exam, you'll be able to save your answer choices and change them up until you submit your exam for grading. After answering question 36, you can save your answer, or click on “Next” to submit your exam for grading. Once you have submitted your final exam, you will not be able to make any more changes. Successful completion is determined by the minimum passing score set by your school.

After the final exam is successfully completed, most schools will provide you with immediate access to your online Certificate of Completion from within the My Classroom area. When the classroom closes, you can return to the My Classroom page at any time in the future and access a copy of the certificate or a Grade Report under the heading titled Previous Courses, if the school provides an online certificate. Please contact Student Support using the following form, for more information.

If you do not pass the final exam on the first attempt, you will not be able to obtain a Certificate of Completion. You can use the form below to contact our Student Support department if you experienced technical issues during the exam or would like to contest your score.

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