Instructor Contact

Instructor-led course classrooms are built around Discussion Areas that allow you, your fellow classmates, and your instructor to communicate freely while you and your classmates remain anonymous. These Discussion Areas are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week so you can post a question or comment any time you're working on your lesson material. Your instructor will monitor these Discussion Areas to make sure everyone stays on topic; your instructor will not tolerate inappropriate language or behavior.

Instructor-led course instructors do not handle facilitation or administration of your course, so they will not be able to assist with extensions, drops, transfers, or complaints. There are links within each Discussion Area that will allow you to contact ed2go Student Support directly about any of these matters or anything you wish to address privately with your instructor.

In order to maintain your anonymity, and for the safety of your instructor, ed2go Student Support acts as a secure go-between and will relay messages directly to the instructor on your behalf.

If you wish to contact our Student Support department, you can do so using this form:

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