Course Mechanics

Each Instructor Led Class is completely online. There are no set times or days that you will have to be online. Lessons are gated, meaning that they are released on a set schedule. There are 12 lessons, with two lessons released each week at 9am Eastern Time or noon Pacific. One lesson is released on Wednesday and one on Friday of each week. Each lesson takes approximately two hours to complete, for a total of 24 instructional hours.

Once a lesson is released, it is then accessible until the course access ends. The lessons cannot be released early. The online class access time period is the six weeks with lessons being released, and then another two weeks during which the full class and final exam are available. After your class is active, you will see a start date and an end date in the My Classroom area. You will automatically have access to an extension period, which is 10 days beyond the listed end date.

The Learning Path, the homepage of your classroom, will help you navigate the course and keep track of your daily progress. The course includes the syllabus, lesson content, resources, an index, and recommended books. The lessons are mainly text-based, though there may be some video and/or audio provided as a supplement. Any videos will include a transcript. Each lesson will have an assignment, quiz, FAQ, supplementary material, and a discussion area associated with it.

Once in an active session of the course, you can interact directly with the instructor through the discussion area of the classroom. This is an open bulletin board where all students can post messages and the instructor will post back within 24-48 business hours. Instructors are able to assist with the course material, and software required for the course, if applicable. Students are able to interact with each other in this forum, too.

The assignments are designed to ensure that you are understanding and retaining the information being taught in the lessons. The assignments are not graded, though the instructor will provide feedback for assignments posted in the discussion areas. The multiple-choice quizzes will check your comprehension of the course material. When you submit a quiz, you will receive instant results. Quizzes can be completed multiple times, and are a great way to prepare for the final exam.

There is a Report feature located in the My Classroom area. All of your grades in the course can be located through this feature, but all of these grades are not part of what determines if you have passed the online class. The final exam score alone determines your eligibility to obtain your certificate of completion. The final exam can only be completed one time.

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