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Best online course I have ever done. I have learned such a variety of issues and how to protect our brains and hopefully improve on what I can, i.e. build more grey matter by mindful meditation, improve nutrition and how you explained even details like what are free radicals, what they do at the molecular levels and how antioxidants help combat them. I plan on taking more of your courses in the future!

This course gave me a deeper understanding of the brain and how it affects overall health; therefore, I will better inform my clients of the way their lifestyle, via sleep, drug addiction, and stress to name a few impairs their brain functioning, which in turn impairs their health. As a counselor, I was previously aware of the way the brain behaves in accordance to lifestyle factors; however, I am now fully aware of the way said lifestyles change the brain, and as such causes the brain to change its signal transmission.

In my opinion this is the best online education I have done so far.

I am a currently undergoing cancer treatment that required chemotherapy. This can cause what is known as 'chemo brain' or chemo fog. I wanted to take this course as part of my healing and to learn how to promote healing in my brain - essentially increasing its neuroplasticity. I found the content of this course was interesting and well presented. The instructors were responsive and went beyond what was required to offer my additional information relevant to my quest for knowledge. Great experience. Thank you.

I enrolled in this course because my elderly father is experiencing the onset of dementia and now my mother is having memory problems. This course was presented so well and the volume of information is fabulous. All the lessons, especially the last, provided me with information that I've accepted as an ultimatum on improving my health and ways that I might make life a little bit better for my parents. Thank you so much for offering this course.

I learned a lot from your classes. I wish I had learned a lot of these facts before my children were born and before I raised them. At any rate, I'm very happy that I have had the opportunity to read and learn about how one can continue to change the brain even if it this point it's not at its optimal state.

I am currently a college student who is looking to major in Psychology at Penn State. I have always been intrigued with neuroscience but I also loved the idea of Business Psychology. I took this course to really help me decide if I wanted to take the Neuroscience path, which ended up being an absolute YES! I have learned so much in this course and it was challenging. I am happy to say that because of this I will be able to strive for my goal knowing I picked the right path.

I am doing this courses to take care my self, because I am 51 years old and is hard to find doctors who's wanted spend time talking with patients and I going to make my day including more wisdom with the knowledge from this course, thanks a lot to all your team, specially to miss Cyndie Koopsen and Caroline Young.

First and foremost I want to express how much I enjoyed this class. It was a full course meal with dessert. Thank you for sharing this info and class with me. Thank you for making it available to me as well as others. I have been empowered with this class having been made available to me. Thanks Again!

This was a very informative and knowledge increasing course, not only learning the parts of the brain but how our brain health can be improved and what is not good for its health. Great instructors discussions, up to date, current research is much appreciated in the references!

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