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I have recommended this course to colleagues and they will be taking it in the next few weeks. This was very helpful and I can't wait to put my knowledge to use.

This course enabled me to understand the databases that I deal with on a daily basis much better. I now can name the elements of the database our organization that I thought could be improved for easier, more efficient use! Wow, I've come a long way! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this course! Thank you for offering it and sharing your knowledge with me! There were so many things in Access 2010 that I wasn't aware of. I love these courses because I always learn something new. I especially liked the last three chapters, and you can be sure that I'll start incorporating simple dialog boxes into my present databases now that I have a little understanding of VBA.

I enjoyed this course very much -- it definitely was challenging to do the assignments on my own to see if I could apply the lesson techniques explained in the chapter work. I would like to get more training on the actual expressions and criteria to filter reports/analysis - perhaps a future Access 2010 Advanced course would be available. The instructor was very responsive and was able to clarify any discussion questions. I appreciate the FAQs provided with each lesson as well as the supplemental resources. I have not taken an online course previously and had concerns over not having a hands-on instructor as with a classroom setting. Those concerns diminished as the course went on as the material was very descriptive and the diagrams/examples extremely helpful in completing the lessons. Thank you for the opportunity to expand my knowledge base with Access 2010.

I finished the whole course including the final exam. I liked the final exam because it summarized many of the important aspects of this whole course. This is an excellent course and you did a great job. I feel much more comfortable in working with Access and building my own database now.

Thank you Ken. This class was a great opportunity for me to understand more of what I can do at work and what other possibilities there are in adding to my databases. Your instructions were clear on a step by step process, I thank you for that. I learned way more than I expected. I will keep practicing all that I learned. I will also keep checking back to see if you offer an advanced course in Access.

My company had a couple of databases written by an IT person years ago. He no longer wanted to support us when we had problems with the database, so I felt the need to learn more about Access than just being able to input data into his programs. This course has been helpful, and now I'm building databases for others to use. The knowledge obtained has given me more confidence in finding and fixing problems within our old programs. I'm now looking at taking a Visual Basic course for more knowledge. Thank you, Ken Cook, you're terrific!

Ken Cook is an excellent instructor. The lesson design, assignments and quizzes were exceptional. The information in the learning aids was challenging yet easy to understand. He was very helpful throughout the course and provided timely feedback to questions/issues. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning Microsoft Access and learned a lot. I feel that I can build an efficient and practical database for anyone for any purpose because of what I learned taking this course. Good job, Ken. You know the subject very well, and you know how to teach it.

I really enjoyed this course, and I feel it will be very useful in my job. I've already used portions of what I've learned to develop a more sophisticated database for a work project, and now have the skills to share it with users unfamiliar with Access. I felt Mr. Cook was very knowledgeable, and I would be happy to take another course with him.

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