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This course was helpful and beneficial in understanding how to teaching writing to the primary grades. The instructor was knowledgable in the content and gave practical and useful strategies that can be used in the classroom to help our young learners develop into authors.

Thank you for this course! I found the information interesting and very helpful. I was thrilled to learn so many ways that I can help my daughter, who is struggling with fine motor skills. I also got a kick out of the games that we could play in the lessons to make sure we understood the material.

I really enjoyed this course. I learned more about writing than I knew as a teacher. I also felt like I could become an author too. I liked the practical ways she demonstrated the lesson with glimpses into the classrooms. Very good class!

Thank you! I appreciated the organization and practicality of this course. I feel like I have a good grasp of the basics of teaching writing along with the resources to go further. The flow was helpful for me and it covered the relevant areas- theory, stages, writing workshops, genres, writing tools, assessments and how to conference with parents. I appreciated the examples of the classroom activities. It is always helpful for me to see how something is put into practice.

I really enjoyed this course! It was exactly what I was looking for in an online course. The instructor provided a great balance of presenting new information about teaching writing and showing us great ways to implement this new information in our classrooms. I have taken a few online courses in order to renew my teaching license and this course was definitely my favorite.

This was a very interesting and helpful course! The content was relevant to teaching writing in the classroom. Each lesson was organized, easy to read, and filled with great ideas for writing activities to do with students. I like how the instructor included the "Teachers in Action" section of each lesson because it provided real-world examples of how to incorporate what we learned into a classroom setting. The matching games were a fun way to review the new information before taking the quiz. The instructor always responded to discussion posts and gave useful advice. I will be referring back to these lessons in the future when I need ideas for teaching writing.

This course was a great exercise for me in reviewing some areas in which I already feel comfortable teaching, while it also provided new information and infused my database of lesson plans with fresh ideas. I am currently out of the classroom and this course made me want to go back to teaching soon. It helped me grow the confidence necessary to apply.

I really enjoyed this course and thought the author's ideas and suggestions were all relevant and useful, and her willingness to respond and give further thoughtful and practical suggestions within the discussion area was extremely helpful to me. I've learned a lot and appreciate having a few more tools in my teaching tool box. My students have already benefitted and will hopefully continue to do so.

This was an absolutely wonderful course! I learned so many new writing strategies; and the writing strategies I already had in place were reinforced and improved upon. I looked forward to every lesson. I was sad to see this course end. Sara Hardin is a fantastic instructor. She made all concepts taught extremely interesting and easy to understand. Thank you, Sara!

This was the best class I have ever take online. It motivated and energized me to be a better educator. The lessons were informative, creative and applicable the day competed I them. Assignments were practical and easily applied. I looked forward to the lessons and will definitely be taking more from this instructor.

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