Law Enforcement Suite

Law Enforcement Suite

This course gives a behind the scenes look at criminal law and will help you master basic Spanish for law enforcement situations.

48 Course Hrs

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Understanding criminal law and how it impacts your career in law enforcement is key to breaking into the field. This course bundle will help you understand the all major areas of crime and how to use basic Spanish to navigate these situations. Each lesson in the Criminal Law section features A View from the Inside — compelling information about the criminal justice system, in the words of actual people who experience it every day. In the Spanish Fundamentals section, you will practice using basic Spanish phrases to communicate with Spanish-speaking victims, witnesses or criminals.

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  1. Introduction to Criminal Law
    1. Introduction to Criminal Law
    2. Murder by Degrees
    3. More Crimes Against Persons
    4. Principals, Accessories, and Attempt
    5. Sex Crimes
    6. Crimes Against Property
    7. Drug Crimes
    8. Crimes Against Justice
    9. The Trial
    10. Defenses
    11. Insanity and Constitutional Defenses
    12. Sentencing and Appeal
  2. Spanish for Law Enforcement
    1. Speaking, Spelling, and Counting in Spanish
    2. Family, Pronouns, and Easy Conversational Phrases
    3. Colors, Directional Words, and Numbers From 20 to 199
    4. Easy Verbs
    5. Vocabulary for Describing People, Objects, and Feelings
    6. Words for Describing People's Appearance, Clothes, and the Weather
    7. Time, the Calendar, and Body Parts
    8. Talking About Places and Things
    9. Legal and Illegal Professions
    10. Describing Vehicles and Traffic Violations
    11. Dealing With Criminal Suspects
    12. More Words for Handling Emergency and Nonemergency Situations



There are no prerequisites to take this course.


Hardware Requirements:

  • This course can be taken on either a PC or Mac.

Software Requirements:

  • PC: Windows 8 or later.
  • Mac: macOS 10.6 or later.
  • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is preferred. Microsoft Edge and Safari are also compatible.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.


  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

Instructional Material Requirements:

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.


Benjamin N. Gialloreto

Benjamin N. Gialloreto is Independent Counsel to the School Reform Commission in the Philadelphia School District and partner of the Philadelphia-based law firm Gallagher & Rowan, P.C. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Drexel University and J.D. from Loyola School of Law. He has practiced law since 1990 and is a former Deputy City Solicitor for the City of Philadelphia Major Trials and Civil Rights Units. Gialloreto has proctored this preparation course since 1999 and has helped more than 6,000 test takers. He also teaches online Paralegal Certificate courses for the Center for Legal Studies in Golden, Colorado.

Instructor Interaction: The instructor looks forward to interacting with learners in the online moderated discussion area to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have on the course content.