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Accounting with Excel 2016 Suite

Master the skills and develop the knowledge you need to increase your financial awareness, while taking your Excel skills to add time-saving functions to your repertoire. 

Bundle96 Course Hrs
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010

Discover the advanced features and functions of Microsoft Excel 2010, including data analysis tools, database techniques, and advanced methods for using PivotTables.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013

Maximize your investment in Microsoft Excel 2013 by mastering Excel's advanced features. In this practical, hands-on course, you will discover how to use scenarios and data tables to quickly perform multiple what-if data analyses and discover a variety of advanced techniques for PivotTables. You will also master the art of conditional formatting, consolidation, summarizing data, and so much more!

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016

Master advanced features and functions of Microsoft Excel 2016, including data analysis tools, data tables and databases, PivotTables, custom controls, importing external data, and conditional formatting.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
EXS 200 Introduction to PC Troubleshooting

Learn to decipher and solve almost any problem with your PC.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
EXS 204 Introduction to Oracle

Learn how to use the Oracle database management system to plan, organize, and manage your data.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
EXS 236 Keyboarding

Learn how to touch-type or improve your existing typing skills using Keyboarding Pro 5.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
EXS 266: Intermediate Oracle

Learn how to write powerful and flexible PL/SQL programs.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Intermediate Microsoft Access 2010

Learn how to build more intuitive and powerful Microsoft Access 2010 databases.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Intermediate Microsoft Access 2013

Learn how to use Microsoft Access 2013's advanced features to build more intuitive and powerful databases.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks