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I really enjoyed this class. I've taken another course under this same instructor, and this is the main reason why I took this class. She is an outstanding teacher. She explains material well, gives lots of examples, and her homework assignments and quizzes are relevant to the material covered as well as the real world. Thank you!

I really enjoyed this class mainly because it reminded me of my previous classes. I have been a SPED Teacher with an Endorsement of Students with Severe Behavior Problems for over 20 years. It gave me a lot of new material and teaching strategies for future classes.

Loved the course! It was very helpful to have some activities that made me understand how students with certain disabilities would feel/complete school work, etc. I was able to apply what I was learning the next day in my classroom. Thank you so much!

I have been a special education teacher for 14 years and found this brief and well-organized course extremely useful. Sara Hardin does a great job of explaining and defining topics. Her strategies were well-presented, and I picked up many useful and practical ideas. I would take just about any course she taught. I am very impressed by her skills.

I recently completed the four years of education required to receive my teaching certification, but I felt there was something missing from my university experience. Although I completed two courses regarding special needs education, I still didn't feel confident about creating my own inclusive classroom. I learned more in this course than I did in my expensive university classes. So thank you very much. I appreciate the work of this instructor and the ideas behind this course. Bravo!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who works directly with students with disabilities. The instructor has a passion for working with special needs children as well as extensive experience and knowledge. The lessons were not only highly informative, but insightful...It gave me a better understanding of the kinds of challenges students with disabilities may face in the classroom as well as numerous strategies to enhance their learning...This course was definitely well worth my time and I am eager to apply more of what I learned to benefit my students with disabilities.

This is the 2nd class I've taken from Sara Hardin. She is just amazing and her classes are so insightful. I always walk away with so much I can take into the classroom. Her lessons are well thought out and reasonable in length. She is always one of the first teachers I search for!

I really enjoyed the course! I could somehow tell when I signed up that this is a very inspiring and caring teacher. I was not disappointed! I have taken a pause from teaching special ed but I am now inspired to resume it in some fashion or another. The course made me miss my teaching experience and also gave me new ideas. Thank you, Ms. Hardin.

This course was absolutely inspiring! Sara Hardin is knowledgeable about the subject matter to empower students with disabilities. She incorporated a lot of her experiences not only from her role as a teacher but also from her role as a mother. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot to help my students succeed. Thanks, Sara!

I loved this course! I am familiar with the terms, criteria, and processes, but was looking for practical application ideas and suggestions. I found them with this course. It felt like this course was written just for me and the students I currently have. I have been able to apply what I have learned right away. Thank you so much!

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