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I really enjoyed this course. I think the study material in each lesson was well prepared and presented. I would recommend this to others in the geriatric field who are interested in expanding their knowledge and patient care skills. Thank You.

Yippee!!! I made it. Finally done the entire course! Many thanks to the instructors Miss Cyndie and Miss Caroline. The lessons were very informative although I actually felt overwhelmed upon seeing the course outline at the beginning. After finishing it, I now have a new perspective in dealing with our older folks. I will certainly consider enrolling again here for my future CE needs. To my fellow students, especially those sharing their insights, thank you.

As a social scientist, this course was VERY interesting but more difficult than the others, for me. More science and more challenging for me to grasp. At the same time, probably learned the most new stuff to apply to my work as a case manager. Great!

I am finding the information very informative. I do a great deal for my parents and my father has spent some time in a nursing home so I can relate to what we are reading. I teach Human Services and am always looking for new ways to improve my curriculum. I think this course will really help me to have a stronger curriculum about the elderly and the aging process.

I am a clergy person and many of my parishioners are elderly. I always try to be sensitive to their needs. I've found the majority of older people to be assets in their communities. I took this course because I want to be able to serve this population more effectively, especially around issues of spirituality, grief, and health. I found the course material to be interesting and applicable to some of my pastoral care work…I will review some of the references in more detail. I definitely want to learn about the theories of aging.

This course has been a great asset , with a wealth of information for me in the business I am now working in. Thank you and the staff for putting together such a great curriculum, for those of us who have compassion, commitment, and time for the lives and well being of the elderly.

This course have really brought clarity to a lot of misconceptions about the elderly level of care, medical terminology, myths and confusion about caring for the older adults. Thanks for this amazing opportunity to get such great knowledge from such great scholars.

The best part of this class was that every piece of information was backed up with research. All information was presented unbiased. I am so thrilled and excited that this course was exactly what I wanted. I want the freedom to go my pace, all was presented and it was up to me to do one chapter a day or five chapters a week. I love it! Thanks.

I found that this course gave me a greater insight on caring for the geriatric population. I have a better understanding of the changes that occur with aging and the losses one must endure as they grow old. I feel that I gained a much better understanding about Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia and I will be able to use this knowledge at work. I will be able to implement many of the communication strategies to improve the quality of care I provide and the quality of life for my residents.

I am presently a Senior Psychology Supervisor for two skilled nursing facilities at a State Psychiatric Hospital. I have learned an enormous amount and have applied this knowledge in supervising psychologists, and at case reviews. I graduated with a Masters in Social Work -Gerontology Track in the eighties, and earned my licensed as a clinical social worker. Later I earned a Clinical Psychology degree and a license. I am now back in Gerontology and am so appreciative that I found this course.

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