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microsoft excel 2019 and statistics suite

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365

  1. Excel Basics
  2. Creating a Worksheet
  3. TimeSavers
  4. Relative, Absolute, Mixed, and Circular References
  5. 3Dimensional Workbooks
  6. Sorting, Subtotaling, and Filtering
  7. Charting Basics
  8. Advanced Charting Techniques
  9. Intro to Excel's Statistical Functions
  10. Financial Functions
  11. Worksheet Automation
  12. Mastering Excel's IF Function

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365

  1. Excel Charts and Graphs
  2. More Excel Charts
  3. AutoFilter and Sorting
  4. Goal Seeking
  5. Pivot Tables
  6. Advanced PivotTables
  7. Solver
  8. Sparklines
  9. Macros
  10. Introduction to Functions
  11. Math/Trig Functions
  12. VLOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH Functions

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365

  1. Customizing Excel
  2. Table Management
  3. Data Validation
  4. Custom Controls
  5. Conditional Formatting
  6. Consolidating and Outlining
  7. Excel Functions and Nesting
  8. Import External Data
  9. Data Tables
  10. What-If Analysis Tools
  11. Advanced PivotTables
  12. Analysis ToolPak, Advanced Filter, Array Formulas, and More!

Introduction to Statistics

  1. What Is Statistics, Anyway?
  2. Quantitative Data: From Averages to Z-Scores
  3. Displaying Quantitative Data: Dots, Plots, and Histograms
  4. Displaying Qualitative Data: Percentages, Charts, and Graphs
  5. Is There a Link? Scatterplots and Correlation
  6. Linear Regression: How Can You Predict the Future?
  7. What's the Chance of That? Probability Concepts
  8. Probability Models: What's Normal?
  9. The Key to Inference: Sampling Distributions
  10. How Certain Are You? Confidence Intervals for Proportions
  11. Trial by Data: Testing Hypotheses About Proportions
  12. Inference About Means

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