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Lesson 1: Introduction to Database Design and SQL

Lesson 2: SQL Server

Lesson 3: Retrieving Data Result-Sets

Lesson 4: Sorting Data

Lesson 5: Designing SQL Data Tables

Lesson 6: Designing Data Rows

Lesson 7: Getting Data From Two Tables

Lesson 8: Retrieving Data From Multiple Tables

Lesson 9: Keeping the Database Up to Date

Lesson 10: Aggregate Functions

Lesson 11: SQL Views

Lesson 12: Maximize Database Integrity and Performance


Lesson 1: SQL Review

Lesson 2: Joining Multiple Tables

Lesson 3: Filtering Rows

Lesson 4: Grouping and Summarizing Rows

Lesson 5: Subqueries

Lesson 6: Tables and Data Maintenance

Lesson 7: Unions and Other Joins

Lesson 8: Using String and Date Functions

Lesson 9: Stored Procedures

Lesson 10: Indexes and Views

Lesson 11: Triggers

Lesson 12: SQL Server Management Studio

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