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I was in your magazine writing course last year. I actually used the magazine article query letter I wrote for a class assignment, and I sold the story. It is on the children's musical composition project called "Hey, Mozart!" and will be in the Aug/Sept issue of American Music Teacher (AMT) magazine. Yippee!

Eva has found the right mix of lessons for an Advanced Writing class. Her commitment to teaching is, as aways, very strong. She comments constructively on all submitted work, and encourages useful and positive feedback from fellow students. She creates a wonderful, positive class, that was very inspiring. Very well done!

Eva, I truly appreciate all your help, encouragement and patience. I can honestly say had it not been for you and this amazing class, I wouldn't be writing.

Eva Shaw is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her encouragement and enthusiasm for the field of writing is inspiring. I would encourage anyone that has ever considered writing, to take her Writeriffic course. Whether you wish to be published or not, you will finish her class with a sense of accomplishment.

Eva, thanks so much for all you have taught me in this class. I never expected to get so much valuable info in a short six week class. Thanks also for the nudges and your kind words. You are the best! I really enjoy taking your classes. Look for me soon in your magazine writing class.

Thanks for another fun and enlightening writing course. I especially like the information on the business side of writing, and the way you always encourage us to think of ourselves as "real" writers. With every course I can see my dream of becoming a professional writer becoming more and more a reality. Thanks for all that you do.

The editor you suggested emailed back this morning and wants to use my Intuition piece on their website. She said it was moving, powerful and emotionally raw and she would be honored to publish it. Thank you for the nudges. Your encouragement helped give me confidence in spite of my own doubts.

These classes have been exactly what I need to make me think. I am no longer the wide-eyed novice totally unaware of what is involved in writing. I can make an informed decision about what I wish to do with my life. No matter what I decide, you will always be my mentor, my first true writing teacher, and my expert! Besides, I can't stop writing now. It is way too much fun!

This class was the best I've ever taken. The exercises Dr. Shaw provided enabled me to stretch my writing capabilities in a way I never dreamed possible. I have never written as well as I have in this class. Her lessons were detailed and provided me with invaluable information and the tone she set in the class motivated me to not only want to write well but to interact creatively with other members in the class. Dr. Shaw's willingness to give 150% motivated me to want to give back even more. Kudos to Dr. Shaw for a fantastic class.

Eva & Classmates: Thank you so much for your encouragement through this online classroom! I will now be able to officially say that I have been PUBLISHED - I would have never thought of writing an essay or having it accepted by a magazine. It's just Lesson 6 and I'm a published author. Now I need to write more! Thank You SO much for your guidance.

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