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Get Assertive

Great course. I really learned a lot about myself, family and others. I learned many life lessons about becoming assertive with family, friends,and on the job. I really appreciate the information and I am applying it with great success to my life. I strongly recommend this class to anyone but especially to women of all ages. It's never too late to learn new tricks.

I found it very interesting of what type of person I was and definitely found this course very helpful and will help me to use this information to be an assertive person.

I have learned a lot from taking this course. I find myself becoming more assertive in my daily life. Thanks to this course, I feel that I am on the way to becoming a more confident person!

I have used assertive behavior on two occasions within the past couple of weeks. Before this class began, I would not have spoken up for fear I was letting someone down, or maybe I was the one that was wrong about the situation. I have really enjoyed the class and will use the assertive techniques often.....Thanks!

I've learned so much in the few weeks during this course that my performance review on the job was above average! My manager's boss noticed, as well as my manager, that I handle my responsibilities in a direct way with clear communication. Thanks, Vivian, for your lessons that are detailed. They make me realize some things that I've never thought about. I will refer to the lessons often.

Thanks! This was a great course for me. I have made improvements already, especially with family members.

Thank you for this course! I feel that it's given me a new lease on life! I can now say what I mean and mean what I say without feeling guilty or wrong. By doing this, I can relieve a lot of the frustrations I've had from holding things in and making them my problem when they should have been someone else's problem all along. Thanks for teaching me to stand up for myself instead of always being so passive and taking the heat for things that I did not do. You've helped me learn how let go of a lot of my resentment and bitterness about things that I felt I had no control over. I DO have control over how I'm treated and I have a right to speak my opinions without feeling threatened or wrong. Thank you!

This course gave me renewed confidence and provided great resources and knowledge. The assignments and information gained will be useful now and in the future. I am very glad I took this course from this instructor, who was very insightful and helpful.

This course was very helpful to me in my passive life with my work, husband, and children. I hope I will be more assertive with them in the future, now that I know how.

What an intense course! Everytime I reread the different lessons I end up highlighting something I missed before. I have made the determination to use what I have learned from Get Assertive in my everyday life. I wish I had had the opportunity to have taken this course forty years ago when I was in my twenties. It would have made positive changes in my relationships with family and friends. Vivian, thank you for showing me how to get more enjoyment out of life.

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