Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

Take charge of your own health and healing by discovering how to achieve total health of the mind, body, and spirit. This course allows you to explore a variety of methods including diet, hydrotherapy, positive attitude, relaxation, yoga, chiropractic, natural remedies and more to achieve total health.

6 Weeks Access / 24 Course Hrs
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Would you like to learn more about natural health but don't know where to start? In this course, you'll learn about the various stages of health and illness and discover that true health means wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Using a variety of methods like diet, hydrotherapy, positive attitude, relaxation, yoga, chiropractic, natural remedies and more, you'll explore way to achieve total health in mind, body, and spirit. By the end of this course, you'll have begun taking charge of your own health and healing!


This lesson will introduce you to the principles of natural healing and discuss the various stages of health and illness. You'll begin to understand that true health means wholeness of the mind, body, and spirit. You'll put together a personal health journal that will help you self-evaluate your current lifestyle. Throughout the course, you'll be able to use this to observe how your behaviors can affect your health.

This lesson is all about naturopathy and its basic philosophy—seeking ways to help your body to heal itself. Then you'll learn a valuable breathing technique that can enhance your health. Finally, you'll learn the value of hydrotherapy, diet, biorhythms, and fasting.

In this lesson, you'll explore ways to use the power of the mind and the placebo effect. You'll begin to understand the power that your mind can have in healing your body. The lesson will talk about brain function tests, visualization, and relaxation therapies, and then you'll discover the power of belief.

This lesson will teach you to look at nutrition and its healing effects. You'll explore basic nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and free radicals. You'll learn what basic requirement you need to promote a healthy diet. Then you'll learn how to develop menus to improve your health.

In this lesson, you'll briefly explore the history of herbal healing. You'll have the opportunity to identify the most popular herbs and learn ways to prepare herbal mixtures. Then you'll look at herbal charts to help you to understand some of the most beneficial herbal remedies.

In this lesson, you'll explore aromatherapy. You'll not only learn about its benefits, but also how to blend oils for medicinal uses. You'll discover how to make and use poultices, compresses, tinctures, and infusions and then go over some essential oil charts to help you create wonderful blends.

In this lesson, you'll discover the wonders of body therapies as you explore many of the most popular therapies and their benefits. The lesson will discuss massage techniques, osteopathy, chiropractic, T'ai Chi, reflexology, and yoga. You'll discover why the main theme of body therapies is to regain and maintain balance and well-being.

In this lesson, you'll learn all about natural energy fields. You'll learn how energy can be manipulated using magnets, TENS, Feng Shui, and Therapeutic Touch. You'll learn how to center your consciousness and have the opportunity to try energy modulation. You'll even find out how to feel your own energy between your hands!

This lesson will talk about how to identify pollutants in your environment. It will discuss indoor pollutants and ways to clean indoor air. You'll learn about methods to purify your drinking water and allergy-proof your indoor spaces. This lesson will help you gain an understanding of the relationship between your immune system and the health of your surroundings.

In this lesson, you'll discover how to use natural remedies for common emergencies, illnesses and injuries. Some of the topics include treatments for cuts, bruises, fractures, burns, breathing emergencies, fainting, and travel illnesses.

In this lesson, you'll begin to understand the effect that light, color, and music can have on your mood and behavior. You'll learn how to heal and relax by using practical applications of these therapies. You'll be able to use the energies that are inherent in light, color, and sound to improve your overall well-being. The lesson will also discuss using chakras and colored light in healing.

In the final lesson, you'll continue to learn how physical, emotional, and spiritual factors make up your whole being. You'll begin to understand the impact that these three sectors of your life can have on your stress level and healing rate. Once you make that connection, you'll begin to take charge of your own health and healing! The lesson will conclude with a discussion on what to expect when going to a natural health therapist.



There are no prerequisites to take this course.


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The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.


Dawn Lianna

Dawn Lianna is an accomplished event manager, educator, and natural health expert with over 30 years of experience in event management, natural healing, and personal coaching. Her client list includes non-profit, community and educational organizations, along with corporations and individuals. As an event manager, she has planned, coordinated, and co-hosted over 500 successful events. She has a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the events space, which she shares with students as the instructor of the Event Management and Design course. She is also the author and instructor of the course, Keys to Effective Communication. Her MA in Counseling and Psychology, along with her status as Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, combine in her approach to trust, respect, and rapport in effective conversation. She is an active, certified coach who integrates alternative health practices and her personal studies of herbology, nutrition, positive thinking, intuition development, acupuncture, and massage in her work and her Introduction to Natural Health and Healing course.


I plan on not only applying these teachings to my life, I plan to further educate myself on obtaining certifications and a degree in a few of these specialty areas. I have been exposed to what I did not know in some areas as well. This course was an eye opener, a beginning (exposure) to some topics and it stirred a lot in me. I appreciate course and have already recommended this course to some of my future clients. What an amazing course! Thank you.

I decided to take to this course with hopes of learning more about taking better care of myself and I'm very glad that I did. As I am getting older, I do realize that there are basic things in life that we all take for granted, that can make us feel better. We just have to be reminded sometimes and follow the basic guidelines for better living.

I have grown so much since the beginning of this course, and I have been relating the lessons to my life to add to my toolbox. This course had some hidden gems that so I'm glad I discovered. I appreciate all the effort and work that has been put to deliver this AMAZING content to me and many more. Sincerely, a huge thank you.

Lesson 12 was the icing on the delicious cake that is this course. My life is guided by my ability to look at the glass as being half full, and to be the most positive person I can be. I have not always been this way, and through my own work and the help of my "dream team" of various healing practitioners, I have achieved this outlook on life. I am a spiritual being housed in a physical body with a mind to guide and direct me. I enjoyed the opportunity to have existing beliefs reinforced, as well as exposure to new ideas and evidence that will help me to continue the work of healing myself. Thank you.

Looking back into my personal health journal, I have noticed a change in my body and mind. I noticed how much better I feel physically when I’m putting the right foods into my body. I also have made more of a point to have some “me time” to relax and calm my mind. I have been making more time to attend yoga and relax my body and mind. Every lesson I have done reminds me in some way to always think positively. As I now know, this can make or break me on certain days. Allowing myself to be calm has been so beneficial. I will continue to refer back to my lessons and discussions in this course to live more healthy, mind, body and spirit. This class has been truly a blessing. Thank you, Mrs. Snyder!

Over the past six weeks I have come to know myself in ways that were new to me. I found that keeping a journal for three weeks proved to be very enlightening. I feel so much stronger; knowing that I have the power to live life to the fullest. Of all the lessons, I think I learned the most from the positive therapeutic touch. I would only hope that more people could or would utilize this technique in order to make this world more loving and at peace. I can't imagine how you would feel being able to help relieve someone's pain. Totally awesome!! I definitely intend to use all of the information and knowledge I have acquired in this class to enhance my life.

This class has been great for my personal learning and enrichment. There are a lot of areas I did not know or didn't know as much about. There are numerous things I will take from this with me in life, especially the section on mosquitoes! This is one of those classes where you question why this information isn't more common place or a requirement in school or even integrated somewhat. The ideas, theories and methods are ones that can help anyone and seem so common sense even though they really are not and there is so much garbage you would need to sift through if researching everything that is presented here on the internet. Definitely one of my favorite classes to date! Thank you!

By implementing many of the therapies that I have learned, I feel a calmness and peacefulness that I had not felt before. I notice that I can now accomplish many things that I would set aside. I am sleeping better than I have in awhile. Even my eating pattern has changed. I am extremely grateful that I took this class because it has made a big change in my life. Thank you, Theresa Snyder, for everything that I have learned.

This course has really opened my eyes to a lot of new information. I can't pick just one favorite lesson because I loved them all. I would find myself re-reading some lessons just for fun and to mentally quiz myself on the information. I have been inspired to incorporate much of what I learned into my everyday life. Aromatherapy is something that I have been researching more and have already begun burning various oils in my bedroom. I have also been more conscious of my eating habits and make sure I have time to make healthy meals instead of just something quick and running out the door. My tea and herb collection is steadily growing and I have checked out some yoga and meditation DVDs from the library I work at. This course provided just the right amount of information on various topics t

I've always had a passing interest in natural and holistic healing, so when I ran across this course I knew I had to take it, and I'm glad I did. It not only refreshed my knowledge of the things I have already learned through research, such as use of herbs, spices, healing touch, meditation, and the alinement of the chakra, but showed me other ways to help myself and others with oils.

This course taught me exactly what it was laid out to teach. The broad, overall general knowledge to each segment kept me engaged and interested without feeling like I was getting behind or not comprehending the material.

During the course of this lesson, I've changed my lifestyle for the better and, as a result, have better health...Hydrotherapy and diet have helped most. And overall, I feel more relaxed, happy and in charge of my own health and healing!

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