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Advanced Grant Proposal Writing

This course was amazing. I have taken several courses over the years including a week-long course with the Grantsmanship Center and The Foundation Center in NYC and the amount of information that I learned here was astonishing. I was more amazed of the new information I learned after studying with many, many experts. I would recommend this hands down.

Dr Browning, this is the first message I have posted since joining the class in February. I am the director of one of the nation's largest state archives, containing more than 200 million records dating back to 1630. I do not generally take on-line classes or classes in grant making as I have been writing grants for virtually my entire career but your handling of the material has given me many new ideas. Old dogs can learn new tricks. I will be looking for future courses of yours and thank you for such well crafted course content.

This was the third in a series of classes, I have enjoyed them all. Bev provided inspiration, knowledge, and common sense. The class fell in line with my desired intentions and has given me the tools I needed to proceed with my career.

This is the best course on grant-writing that I have taken to date. The instructor is very detailed in her delivery and anticipates the student's questions well.

Thank you for the course. I was very impressed with it. The class was very well organized. The information and a practitioners insights into the grant writing process were invaluable. Dr. Browning, Your knowledge, skills, and ability to communicate were outstanding. Harold, Ph.D.

Thank you for putting together an excellent course on grant writing. The information in each lesson is easy to follow and informative, and the supplementary material is the best I have found so far. I was able to complete the "volunteer" grant I have been working on since April, merely by following your suggestions lesson by lesson. Several times in the past, I was ready to give up on grant writing, but luckily, I decided to give it one more try. As soon as I started this course, everything suddenly fell into place and made sense - thanks to you, I regained my initial enthusiasm, and now I have reached my first goal.

Thank you for providing excellent information to your students and thank you for sharing your professional expertise with us (veteran and novice grant writers) throughout this course. I have learned a great deal because of the information you have shared with us over the past 6+ weeks and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of this Advanced Grant Proposal Writing class. Thanks again for your professionalism in this course and your other online course. Keep on inspiring your students.

I enjoyed this course immensely! It was thorough, detailed, sequential-- and your feedback and encouragement put wind in my sails! Thank you for providing such a high quality learning experience. I would happily recommend this course and/or take another one of yours myself. I am in the midst of a career transition and am weighing different options for my love for research and writing. This course gave me an understanding of the grant writing process. It also helped me see that I would love to do more of it.

It's been a tremendous learning experience taking this course. The wealth of information, tips and tricks presented in this class, together with your Grant Writing for Dummies book, has been invaluable! I felt the assignments really pushed me out of my comfort/knowledge zones, forcing me to hone my research, planning and writing skills, which was very needed. I now feel more confident in my abilities. Your consistent feedback and guidance was also very helpful. I look forward to my first attempt to write a grant.

This is a terrific class Dr. Bev! Thank you for the excellent organized material, feedback, and advice. During the course, I had to apply for a grant for the first time. The experience in the class and extensive resources helped me through it. I'm confident I was able to do a very good job even though I'm just starting. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

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