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Teach With Us

Here are answers to some of the questions potential instructors frequently ask about teaching with ed2go.

Do I have to pay anything in order to participate?

Absolutely not! If you're selected to join the ed2go faculty, we will develop your program at our expense or take your existing content and show you how to tweak it so it's ready for national exposure through our network.

How many schools do you work with?

We provide career training programs to a network of over 2,100 colleges, universities, and other training organizations - from the State Universities of New York to the California State University system, and everywhere in between.

What type of student will be taking my program?

The colleges, universities and other training organizations in our network will market your programs directly to working adults in the community through their community education, community services, adult education, workforce development, contract training, and extension departments. Your program will be credit-free, which means that enrollment will be open to anyone. Other than the fact that your program will be marketed primarily to adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, your audience will not be limited to students of any one occupation, nationality, ethnicity, gender, or any other factor.

Typical students are looking to enter the workforce for the first time, re-enter it mid-life, switch careers to gain more lucrative employment, or learn new skills to improve their employment chances in competitive hiring environments. They want self-paced learning that makes it really easy to go from an online classroom to a job board to an interview and on to a new career. If your program provides a methodical and easy path that leads students from the classroom to their first paycheck in a new job, you'll find that there are no limits on the number of students you can attract.

How do I know how many students are in my program?

We'll provide you with access to a real-time program statistics page showing the number of students who enrolled in your program.

How many hours can I expect students to spend on the program?

That depends on how much content you include in the program—we have programs ranging from 40 hours to over 300. Keep in mind that we like all new programs to include at least 80 clock hours of learning, including time spent online, reading textbooks, taking quizzes, doing assignments, and any extra hands-on work.

How much time will I spend answering student questions, providing feedback, checking links, correcting errors, and updating my program materials?

We ask that you respond to student questions and comments with one business day or sooner. How often a student will contact you and how much help any particular student will need all depends on how you design your program. Our editors can help you design a program that anticipates students' needs and sets up graded assignments that you'll easily be able to facilitate.

At the same time, we do like to suggest that you're able to commit a minimum of one hour per week per student once the program is live. Many students will not require this much time, but this is a good guideline to use when planning your time.

Of course, you are always welcome to spend more time improving your program for your students. Think of it as a business, and think of your students as your customers. We've found a direct correlation between the amount of time an instructor spends caring for students and the level of student satisfaction with the program. This satisfaction usually translates into good word of mouth and steady enrollments.

What happens if students forget their passwords or have other technical difficulties? Will I be bombarded with questions that are unrelated to my program material?

You are only required to answer questions related to your program material. We will provide you with support staff to help your students sort out any other issues that arise.

Will I need to evaluate my students' quizzes and assignments?

Most of our quiz and test grading is automated, so you won't have to worry about grading those items unless you'd like to. However, one of the hallmarks of our programs is that we provide students with the ability to complete assignments and get quick feedback on them. This allows them to check their learning and correct any misunderstandings quickly rather than waiting for a midterm or final to alert them to their progress.

Most of our students enjoy interacting with their instructors through assignments. It's a great way to get a dynamic conversation going and take online learning to the next level.

What sort of record-keeping is required? Do I need to take roll and keep a grade book?

All of our record-keeping is automated. The students join your rosters automatically, and qualified college representatives will grant your students access to your online classroom. All quiz and final exam scores are logged in a student database. Both the student and his or her sponsoring school will have instant access to online progress reports and completion letters for grant purposes and workforce board reporting.

How much time will it take me to develop a program for you?

Most of our instructors require 9 to 12 months of development time to complete their program. In cases where you already have content developed and are reselling it through our network, it may only take several months to complete all the steps.

How often will my program be offered to students?

Students can enroll in online career training programs anytime they want. Enrollments are continuous, so if a student enrolls today, he or she can access the program right away. No waiting, no hassles.

Must I teach all the time? What if I want someone to help me?

Your classroom is entirely Web-based, which means that you can access your program from almost anywhere in the world. If you can get on the Internet, you can facilitate your class and any relevant grading. Most of our instructors have obtained laptops so that they can log on and manage their programs even when traveling.

That said, if you'd like a break or the amount of students you're working with becomes too great, you can add another qualified facilitator to the program, and we can split enrollments between you and the new instructor. We'll keep in close contact with you if it's starting to look like your enrollment numbers justify the addition of another instructor.

Do students have an opportunity to provide me with any constructive feedback on my program or instructional technique?

Each of your students will be invited to submit an evaluation of your program. These evaluations will be made available to you after we receive them.

How much money will I make?

That depends on how many programs you decide to teach for us and how many students enroll in each program. We cannot guarantee or predict enrollments, but we can tell you that we only develop and offer programs that we feel will be extremely successful in our network.

Our best advice: Don't quit your day job! Teach online because you want to teach online, not because you have to do so. Look to your online career training programs to provide you with a convenient way to supplement your regular income while working part-time from the comfort of home. If you're a writer (or just aspire to be one), there are other benefits: Teaching online can provide you with a reliable source of extra income while also giving you opportunities to interact directly with your readers, to build an online following, and to solicit feedback and inspiration for additional works.

How often do I get paid?

Royalty checks are mailed once monthly, no later than 60 days after the student enrollment month ends. Completion bonus checks are mailed no later than 60 days after a student completes a program.

May I require the purchase of a textbook as a prerequisite for enrollment in my program?

Yes, we prefer that each career training program has at least one but as many as several textbooks to enrich the learning experience. We can work with you to select high-quality and appropriate textbooks that complement your topic and give students additional perspectives on the field. We find that our students like having that solid learning material to tuck away on their bookshelves; it's still with them long after the career training program is over.

Who teaches for you?

A wide variety of industry professionals who are licensed, credentialed, and certified as experts in their field. Sometimes this means companies approach us and have a particular employee in mind to teach a certain topic. Other times, individual authors or educators reach out to us to take their training online.

What do other instructors say about you?

Here are some actual quotes from educators who have developed with us:

"We determined that our success as a company depends on our ability to concentrate on what we do [creating content] and let others market and distribute our offerings. ed2go provides that function for us through their network of schools. The end result is a win/win for us and ed2go."

"Our relationship with ed2go has been instrumental in getting us in the door on at least one major project, and we anticipate other major projects coming our way in the near future."

"We are distributed to a market that would be difficult for us to engage with at the level already established through ed2go. The huge ed2go benefits are a revenue stream/market sector that would be nearly impossible for us to approach on our own."

What does ed2go mean, anyway?

The legal name of our company is Education To Go and we are part of Cengage Learning. The ed2go moniker is an abbreviated form of that name.

What programs are you already offering?

Check our Online Catalog to see the titles we are offering at this time.

What do I do next?

Check out our catalog to see the development topics we focus on. We offer programs in business and fitness, healthcare, IT and software, management and corporate, media and design, hospitality and gaming, skilled and industrial trades, and green topics. If you're interested in teaching a program we don't already have in one of these areas, we'd love to hear your idea.

Benefits of teaching with ed2go include:

  • Credibility
  • Satisfaction
  • Support
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Marketing
  • Compensation

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