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Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep

$1,995.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with George Mason University choose another school





  1. Introduction to the Hospital Facility and Medical Records
    1. The Hospital Revenue Cycle
    2. Understanding the Patient Billing Process
    3. Services Provided in the Facility Setting
    4. Career Opportunities in the Hospital Setting
  2. Hospital Coding Overview
    1. Principal Diagnosis
    2. Additional Diagnoses
    3. Coding Clinic
    4. ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines
  3. Hospital Billing Process
    1. General Overview of the Billing Process
    2. Admission/Preadmission Process
    3. Insurance Carriers
    4. Capturing Patient Services
    5. Coding and Health Information Department
    6. Billing Department
    7. Collection and Payment Policies
  4. UB-04 Overview
    1. General Overview of the Hospital Billing Form
    2. Field-by-field Description of UB-04 with Code Values
  5. Inpatient Billing
    1. Prospective Payment System (PPS)
    2. Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs)
    3. Medicare Claims Manual
    4. Joint Commission
    5. Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set (UHDDS)
  6. Outpatient Coding
    1. Outpatient Record
    2. CPT and Modifiers
    3. Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Edits
  7. Outpatient Billing
    1. Chargemaster
    2. Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS)
    3. Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs)
    4. Outpatient Code Editor (OCE)
    5. Outpatient Billing and the UB-04
  8. ICD-10-CM
    1. Overview
    2. Alphabetic Index
    3. Neoplasm Table
    4. Table of Drugs and Chemicals
    5. Tabular List
    6. Conventions and Guidelines
  9. ICD-10-PCS
    1. Overview
    2. Code Structure
    3. Index
    4. Tables
    5. Root Operations
    6. Conventions and Guidelines
  10. Completion and Certification Preparation
    1. AHC Program Completion Steps
    2. AAPC Certifications
    3. AHIMA Certifications
    4. Preparing for the Case Studies
    5. Personal Preparation






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