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Building Analyst Quick Start

$1,495.00 (USD)

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The Building Analyst Quick Start Program consists of two online training programs: Principles of Green Buildings and Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments.

Principles of Green Buildings
This is the first online program of its kind, developed and written in partnership with experts from Advanced Energy of North Carolina. It covers everything an individual in the building, remodeling, or trade industry needs to know to make buildings perform more efficiently.  You'll learn about critical topics ranging from insulation to moisture management to indoor air quality basics.

Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments
This program expands the theories and concepts taught in the Principles of Green Buildings program. Designed for those entering or looking to expand their expertise in the industry, this program features a task-oriented format that will apply practical, real-world situations in each module.

Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments is intended for students who are engaged in conducting building assessments, energy audits, performance testing, energy ratings, green ratings, rating verifications, quality assurance, quality installations, building inspections, home inspections, home tune-ups, or any other related building improvement, evaluation, or repair services that make changes to the building as a system.

Building Analyst Quick Start
Students who successfully complete the Building Analyst Quick Start program will have demonstrated that they have the requisite knowledge and ability to apply these concepts to real-world buildings and their systems. However, it's important to point out that there is no program, lab, or other educational substitute for time spent in the field, working in buildings and experiencing situations first-hand. This program is designed to put you into close simulations of situations you can expect to encounter in the real world. It requires you to learn what the various assessment tools and techniques are, when to use them, and how to use the information gained to prioritize decision making and how to report this information to various stakeholders.

This program has also been designed to help prepare individuals on the path to various NATE, NARI, BPI, RESNET, and other industry credentials related to green building performance. Instruction aligns with ANSI/ACCA Quality Installation and Maintenance Standards. This program is recognized by North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and Building Performance Institute (BPI) for 28 hours of continuing education (28 CEHs) applicable to NATE and BPI recertification. Must obtain a 75% or higher to obtain CEH recognition.

Upon registering, you're given ninety days to complete each section of this program. 






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