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Certified Protection Officer

$950.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with George Mason University choose another school






  1. Introduction
  2. Protection Office Code of Ethics


  1. Concepts and Theories of Asset Protection
  2. The Evolution of Asset Protection and Security
  3. Role of the Professional Protection Officer
  4. The Protection Officer as a Leader
  5. Career Planning for Protection Professionals


  1. Effective Communications
  2. Security Awareness
  3. Central Alarm Stations and Dispatch Operations

Protection Officer Functions

  1. Automation in Protection Operations
  2. Patrol Principles
  3. Traffic Control
  4. Crowd Management and Special Event Planning

Crime Prevention and Physical Security

  1. Environmental Crime Control
  2. Physical Security Concepts and Applications
  3. Alarm System Fundamentals
  4. Access Control
  5. Detection Technology

Safety Fire Protection

  1. Fire Prevention, Detection, and Response
  2. Occupational Safety and Health and the Protection Officer
  3. An All Hazards Approach to Hazardous Materials

Information Protection

  1. Information Security and Counterintelligence

Deviance, Crime, and Violence

  1. Workplace Crime and Deviance
  2. Substance Abuse
  3. Workplace Violence
  4. Crisis Intervention
  5. Strikes, Lockouts, and Labor Relations

Risk and Threat Management

  1. Security Risk Management
  2. Emergency Planning
  3. Terrorism
  4. Antiterrorism and VIP Protection


  1. Investigations:  Concepts and Practices for Security Professionals
  2. Crime and Incident Scene Procedures
  3. Interviewing and Statements
  4. Foundations for Surveillance
  5. Report Writing and Field Notes

Legal Aspects of Security

  1. Legal Aspects of Security

Officer Safety and Use of Force

  1. Use of Force
  2. Defensive Tactics and Officer Safety
  3. Industrial Hazards, Safety, and the Security Patrol Officer
  4. Apprehension and Detention Procedures

Relations With Others

  1. Human Relations in a Global Environment
  2. Public Relations
  3. Community Relations:  Making Strategy Come Alive
  4. Networking and the Liaison Function
  5. Ethics and Professionalism





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