Management Training









This is the second online course of study I have participated in. Your Live chat was great they helped on several occasions when I had questions.
- P.B., Grand Valley State University

I really enjoyed comparing what we were learning to my real life experiences and as I learned different things I really felt like I became a better employee and future management in the business world. It was a great experience.
- J.E., The University of Oklahoma

This program was easy to use. Things flowed easily from one to the next. When I did have a problem, my questions were answered promptly. I was given ample time to finish this course. I had several personal events that took my time away from this course and still had plenty of time to relax and learn the things that were taught.
- A.E., York Technical College - Industrial

I really enjoyed the lectures because they tended to be more in-depth and built upon personal experience, rather than a textbook.
- D.M., Cascadia Community College