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Microsoft Excel 2010 Certification Training

$595.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals choose another school





  1. Beginning Guide to Microsoft Excel 2010
    1. Getting Started: How to use the online course
    2. Hello, Excel! Enter data and use basic text formatting
    3. It All Adds Up: enter data, labels and formulas
    4. A Question of Balance: Use and audit formulas from Excel’s formula library
    5. Charts and Chart Tools: Insert and modify Charts
    6. Picture the Data: Insert and format pictures
    7. Shapes, SmartArt, Views: Insert and modify Shapes and SmartArt, change View
  2. Intermediate Guide to Microsoft Excel 2010
    1. Legs, Eggs, and Pigs:  Troubleshooting formulas and data
    2. Piggy Goes to Market: Use and modify TEXT formulas
    3. Name that Tune: Create, use and troubleshoot Named Ranges
    4. Sound Advice: Create and use Lookup Tables, use IF functions
    5. Excel In Print: Use page Layout and Page Set up to modify print settings
    6. Excel Online: Use and modify Sparklines and hyperlink
  3. Advanced Guide to Microsoft Excel 2010
    1. Works for Me! Create and modify Tables and apply Quick Styles
    2. Work Smarter, Not Harder:  Use Sort, Filter,  Outline, and Goal Seeking Tools
    3. What Happened? (Pivot Tables) Create and modify Pivot Tables
    4. What Did You See (Pivot Charts) Create and modify Pivot Charts  and Slicers
    5. Working Overtime:  Create drop-down lists and use Data Validation
    6. Prepare to Share:  Use reviewing tools and permissions
    7. Working with Macros: Create and use Macros





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