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Microsoft Project 2010


$795.00 (USD)

Offered in partnership with Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals choose another school





Microsoft Project 2010 Training

  1. Program Introduction
    1. What is Project?
    2. Set up and download practice files
    3. What to expect
  2. Establishing a Good Project Management Foundation
    1. Gathering project documentation
    2. The Scope Statement
    3. Understanding your deliverables
    4. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  3. Schedule Terminology and Methodology
    1. Terms and Concepts
    2. Schedule Analysis
    3. Understanding Float
  4. Introduction to MSProject 2010
    1. Ribbon Menu Navigation
    2. The Backstage View
    3. Templates
  5. MSProject Terminology
    1. Understanding Task Views
    2. Understanding Resource Views
    3. Tables
    4. Forms
  6. Setting up a MSProject file: Default Settings
    1. The Purpose of Default Settings
    2. Finding Default Settings
    3. Default Settings Group 1
    4. Default Settings Group 2
  7. Setting Up Calendars
    1. Base Calendars
    2. Resource Calendars
    3. Task Calendars
    4. Calendar Tips
  8. Defining and Entering Tasks
    1. Microsoft Project Tasks Defined
    2. More Tasks Defined
    3. Creating a Task List
    4. Organizing your Tasks
  9. Task Estimates and Dependencies
    1. Estimating Effort and Task Durations
    2. Creating Dependencies
    3. Auto versus Manual Schedule Modes
  10. More Task Definition Modeling
    1. Task Types and Calculations
    2. Advanced Task Functionalities
    3. Constraints and Deadlines
    4. Task Information Dialog Box
  11. Introduction to Resources
    1. Resource Terminology
    2. Resource Types
    3. Setting up a Resource Sheet
    4. Best Practices





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