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Principles of Green Buildings

$895.00 (USD)

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The Principles of Green Buildings Online Training Program will give you the science behind the concept of house-as-a-system by going through all of the major sub-systems that affect the way the entire structure system performs. A building is the sum of many parts, and for best performance for the occupants, it must be set up correctly with those sub systems synced together. A building that performs correctly will offer the best energy efficiency, provide a healthy environment for its occupants, and maintain its structural integrity.

The nine modules of Principles of Green Buildings will take you through all of that material. If you have any in-depth questions or if you need further explanation of content, you'll have an SME (Subject Matter Expert) mentor for support and information.

This program will help you prepare for BPI, NATE, NARI, RESNET, and other industry credentials for green buildings. If you successfully complete this program with an overall grade of 75% or higher, you'll qualify for 28 hours of continuing education units (CEUS) from BPI or NATE, and those CEUs are applicable to several certifications.

Upon registering, you're given three months to complete this program.






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