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Workplace Law Essentials Value Suite

Whether you’re an aspiring paralegal or human resources professional, these courses will teach you the fundamentals of workplace legalities.

Bundle48 Course Hrs
Paralegal Suite

Learn about the paralegal profession and understand the tools and techniques needed to succeed in the field.

Bundle96 Course Hrs
Introduction to Law Suite

If you have the right skills and training, there are many ways to work in the legal field without a law degree. This suite of online courses will help you choose an area of law that best suites you.

Bundle72 Course Hrs
Real Estate Law (Self-Paced Tutorial)

Learn the basics of real estate law, including investing, title searching, and mortgages.

Self-Paced24 Course Hrs3 Months
Legal Nurse Consultant (Self-Paced Tutorial)

Begin a new career by helping attorneys understand and resolve medical cases and claims.

Self-Paced24 Course Hrs3 Months
Workers' Compensation (Self-Paced Tutorial)

Gain essential skills and a solid understanding of one of the fastest-growing areas in law.

Self-Paced24 Course Hrs3 Months
Explore a Career as a Paralegal (Self-Paced Tutorial)
Explore a Career as a Paralegal (Self-Paced Tutorial)

Find out if a paralegal career is the right career for you, as you explore the fundamentals of U.S. law and legal terminology.

Self-Paced24 Course Hrs3 Months
Employment Law Fundamentals (Self-Paced Tutorial)

Learn the basics of employment law so you can legally hire, evaluate, and manage employees.

Self-Paced24 Course Hrs3 Months
Introduction to Criminal Law (Self-Paced Tutorial)

An in-depth look at criminal law and the real world of prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the paralegals who work closely with them.

Self-Paced24 Course Hrs3 Months