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Helping Elderly Parents

Be prepared to handle the challenges you and your parents will face in the coming years, while learning to cherish the transition.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success

Getting married is just the first step! Learn how to build a solid foundation for a healthy partnership that will last far beyond "I do."

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Certificate in Wellness and the Environment

(9 Contact Hours) This course focuses on the connection between wellness and the environment. You will learn actionable steps to help create and sustain a healthy environment.

Instructor-Led9 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Become a Physical Therapy Aide

Prepare for a rewarding career as a valued member of the physical therapy team.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Certificate in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion

(12 contact hours) Learn about the impact of food politics, clean water, foodborne diseases, mood, genetically engineered foods, and malnutrition on health and the development of chronic diseases.

Instructor-Led12 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Certificate in Pain Assessment and Management

(12 contact hours) This certificate provides an overview of the mechanisms of pain, the multidisciplinary methods of assessment, management, and treatment of pain, which include adults, children, and the elderly with cancer related and non-cancer related pain.

Instructor-Led12 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Genealogy Basics

Learn where to look, who to contact, and how to use research tools to begin an exciting and fascinating exploration of your roots.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks