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Differentiating K-12 Assessments

Learn effective strategies for differentiating your assessments and empowering every student in your class to succeed.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Common Core Standards for English Language Arts K-5

Gain confidence in applying the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language) to the K-5 classroom.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Educator's Fundamentals Series

Whether you're a new teacher or seasoned veteran, these fundamental courses will help you gain control of your classroom and more effectively teach all learner types.

Bundle72 Course Hrs
Reading Strategies Suite

Learn creative ways to improve student literacy, turn guided reading strategies into opportunities, and bring differentiated instruction to life in your classroom.

Bundle96 Course Hrs
Working Successfully With Learning Disabled Students

Learn how to successfully meet the diverse needs of students with learning disabilities in your classroom.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II

In this professional development course, you'll get the teacher training you need to deal effectively with serious discipline problems and help even the most challenging students you're teaching make more responsible choices.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Teaching Smarter With SMART Boards

Master the use of SMART Board and SMART Notebook technology so you can create powerful interactive lessons that capture your students' attention.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Teaching Adult Learners

This course will introduce numerous ways to motivate and teach adult students. You'll learn dozens of powerful teaching techniques that will keep your adult learners excited and help them absorb your material effortlessly. By the end of the course, you'll know all the tricks and techniques for winning over this fun, exciting, and very demanding group of students.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Teaching Students With ADHD

Learn practical strategies for helping children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) succeed in school.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks
Enhancing Language Development in Childhood

Enrich the lives of your children by learning fun and natural ways to help them become proficient speakers and thinkers.

Instructor-Led24 Course Hrs6 Weeks