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I decided to take to this course with hopes of learning more about taking better care of myself and I'm very glad that I did. As I am getting older, I do realize that there are basic things in life that we all take for granted, that can make us feel better. We just have to be reminded sometimes and follow the basic guidelines for better living.

Looking back into my personal health journal, I have noticed a change in my body and mind. I noticed how much better I feel physically when I’m putting the right foods into my body. I also have made more of a point to have some “me time” to relax and calm my mind. I have been making more time to attend yoga and relax my body and mind. Every lesson I have done reminds me in some way to always think positively. As I now know, this can make or break me on certain days. Allowing myself to be calm has been so beneficial. I will continue to refer back to my lessons and discussions in this course to live more healthy, mind, body and spirit. This class has been truly a blessing. Thank you, Mrs. Snyder!

Over the past six weeks I have come to know myself in ways that were new to me. I found that keeping a journal for three weeks proved to be very enlightening. I feel so much stronger; knowing that I have the power to live life to the fullest. Of all the lessons, I think I learned the most from the positive therapeutic touch. I would only hope that more people could or would utilize this technique in order to make this world more loving and at peace. I can't imagine how you would feel being able to help relieve someone's pain. Totally awesome!! I definitely intend to use all of the information and knowledge I have acquired in this class to enhance my life.

This class has been great for my personal learning and enrichment. There are a lot of areas I did not know or didn't know as much about. There are numerous things I will take from this with me in life, especially the section on mosquitoes! This is one of those classes where you question why this information isn't more common place or a requirement in school or even integrated somewhat. The ideas, theories and methods are ones that can help anyone and seem so common sense even though they really are not and there is so much garbage you would need to sift through if researching everything that is presented here on the internet. Definitely one of my favorite classes to date! Thank you!

By implementing many of the therapies that I have learned, I feel a calmness and peacefulness that I had not felt before. I notice that I can now accomplish many things that I would set aside. I am sleeping better than I have in awhile. Even my eating pattern has changed. I am extremely grateful that I took this class because it has made a big change in my life. Thank you, Theresa Snyder, for everything that I have learned.

This course has really opened my eyes to a lot of new information. I can't pick just one favorite lesson because I loved them all. I would find myself re-reading some lessons just for fun and to mentally quiz myself on the information. I have been inspired to incorporate much of what I learned into my everyday life. Aromatherapy is something that I have been researching more and have already begun burning various oils in my bedroom. I have also been more conscious of my eating habits and make sure I have time to make healthy meals instead of just something quick and running out the door. My tea and herb collection is steadily growing and I have checked out some yoga and meditation DVDs from the library I work at. This course provided just the right amount of information on various topics to get a person moving toward a happier and healthier lifestyle.

I've always had a passing interest in natural and holistic healing, so when I ran across this course I knew I had to take it, and I'm glad I did. It not only refreshed my knowledge of the things I have already learned through research, such as use of herbs, spices, healing touch, meditation, and the alinement of the chakra, but showed me other ways to help myself and others with oils.

This course taught me exactly what it was laid out to teach. The broad, overall general knowledge to each segment kept me engaged and interested without feeling like I was getting behind or not comprehending the material.

During the course of this lesson, I've changed my lifestyle for the better and, as a result, have better health...Hydrotherapy and diet have helped most. And overall, I feel more relaxed, happy and in charge of my own health and healing!

Learning the basics has only grasped my interest to take this knowledge to the next level.

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