Start Your Own Online Business (Self-Guided)

Start Your Own Online Business (Self-Guided)

The Internet has changed the way people communicate and how businesses operate. It's also made it easier to fulfill your dreams of creating and building a business from the convenience of your own home. In the Starting Your Own Online Business course, you will learn how to develop a digital or traditional product or service and build a website to sell and deliver that product online. This course outlines a step-by-step approach that's easy to follow—from building a simplified strategy to branding your business. From start to finish, you will gain an understanding of what it takes to create, build, and maintain a profitable online business!

3 Months Access / 24 Course Hrs
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Today, the Internet has changed everything. It is now entirely possible to create, launch, and build a profitable business from the convenience of your home with little to no upfront investment. This engaging course will give you a solid foundation for building and growing a successful digital business.

You will learn a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow—from building a simplified strategy to branding your business. In addition, you will grasp how to create a product and build and launch your website. You will also discover ways to engage prospective customers and implement a process to drive fresh leads to your business. So, whether you are looking to generate a nice side income or even replace your current income and ditch your full-time job, this course is for you.


  1. Build a Foundation for Your Online Business
  2. Create a Digital-Ready Business Brand
  3. Build and Optimize a Product
  4. Develop and Launch an Engaging Website
  5. Set up Your Online Selling Process
  6. Install a Digital Communication Network
  7. Your Email Management System
  8. Socialize Your Online Business
  9. Build Multiple Online Lead Streams
  10. Using Video to Grow Your Online Business
  11. Create an Online Partnership Program
  12. Implement an Online Support Center



There are no prerequisites to take this course.


Hardware Requirements:

  • This course can be taken on either a PC, Mac, or Chromebook.

Software Requirements:

  • PC: Windows 8 or later.
  • Mac: macOS 10.6 or later.
  • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are preferred. Microsoft Edge and Safari are also compatible.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.


  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

Instructional Material Requirements:

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.

Self-Guided Course Code: T9674