Certificate in Starting Your Own Business in Health and Healing

Certificate in Starting Your Own Business in Health and Healing

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to start your own health and healing business. This course will guide you through every step of building your business, including developing a business plan, finding the right target market, getting financing, and creating marketing strategies to ensure success.

6 Weeks Access / 11 Course Hrs

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Have you dreamed of creating your own business in health and wellness? Becoming an entrepreneur in this growing field can provide you with independence, flexibility, personal fulfillment, control over your own life, and incredible financial rewards. In this innovative course, you'll learn how to make your dreams of building a health-related business a reality.

This course will guide you through the steps to building your own business. You'll explore the different options for creating your business and learn how to develop a successful business plan that reflects your vision and allows you to compete in your target market. You'll gain information about financing your business, and see how to create an effective marketing strategy to help ensure your success. Throughout the course, you'll get access to sample documents and worksheets. By the end, you'll have virtually everything you need to embark on creating your own health and wellness business.

(11 contact hours)

Expiration Date: 09/10/2023

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Starting your own business in health and healing provides many exciting options for creating a way to live and work that allows you to express your deepest core values and explore your own health and well-being more fully. Determining how to start your own business requires insight, and specific steps help ensure the process is successful.

Innovations in health care directed toward improved health outcomes, the utilization of more varied diagnostic and holistic treatment options, and the increasing diversity of patient populations supports healthcare providers and other interested individuals who are seeking unique career alternatives, including starting their own business. Once individuals decide to create their own business, one of the important first steps is to decide how that business will be structured. This decision can impact the longevity and success of the business and has important legal and tax implications.

Just like a builder needs a blueprint to ensure a house will be structurally sound and resemble the vision laid out on the blueprint, a successful healthcare entrepreneur needs to create a business plan for their vision. Creating a business plan provides a blueprint for your business and is the first important step in achieving your entrepreneurial goals. Your business plan will provide you with a description of your business, help you understand start-up and ongoing costs, persuade others to invest in what you are creating, help you successfully compete in your target market, and support you as you assess the opportunities and challenges you may face with your new enterprise. By creating a business plan and doing your homework, you hold yourself accountable to goals and objectives and greatly improve your chance of success.

Creating a successful business means understanding the world of finance. Although this world is often intimidating, financial literacy is a critical skill for entrepreneurs. Many businesses fail because of a lack of adequate funding, so this remains one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs when starting, operating, and expanding their business. Understanding your business' financing needs and knowing the range of financing options available to you will improve your odds of success.

An effective, well-developed marketing strategy is one of the most important documents you will create in your business. This document communicates what customers receive from your company and helps secure customers for the future. Marketing strategies take time, resources, and money to implement. Since all three are often in limited supply (especially for new companies), an effective marketing strategy must be carefully and thoughtfully designed and measured.

Starting a new business takes a lot of work. Despite the intense effort required to launch a new venture, successful entrepreneurs have many diverse characteristics that provide the stamina to support their achievements and enhance their ability to create a successful business. By cultivating these characteristics, continually learning, being open to new and creative ideas and possibilities, and committing to their vision, entrepreneurs can help ensure the success of their business.



There are no prerequisites to take this course.


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  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

Instructional Material Requirements:

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.

Completion Requirements:

You must complete all lessons to receive your certificate. You must pass the final exam in all lessons with a score of 80% or higher AND complete the Evaluation Form in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. Finals are graded as Pass or No Pass. Receipt of your certificate indicates successful completion of the course and that you have passed all final exams with a score of 80% or greater. You may retake final exams as many times as necessary within the duration of the course at no additional charge.


Cyndie Koopsen

Cyndie Koopsen, RN, BSN, MBA, HNB-BC, RN-BC, HWNC-BC is a nurse who has cared for patients in acute care settings, community clinics, and the home. Her professional nursing career has involved nursing executive leadership and administration, accreditation consultation, staff development and education, community education and wellness, and holistic care. She has designed, developed, and presented numerous educational programs for audiences covering integrative health, promotion and wellness, and chronic disease management and prevention. She is the co-author (with Caroline Young) of two health care textbooks. She is the co-CEO and co-founder of ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC and has designed and developed over 300 online professional continuing education courses.

Caroline Young

Caroline Young, M.P.H., has an extensive public health background that includes experience in research, workshop presentations in various areas of health care, and online and onsite teaching. She has expertise in holistic community health and wellness program design, development, marketing, implementation, and evaluation. She has also designed, developed, and presented integrative health programs for culturally diverse populations, senior populations, and faith communities. She is the co-author (with Cyndie Koopsen) of two health care textbooks. She is the co-CEO and co-founder of ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC and has designed and developed over 300 online professional continuing education courses.

Instructor Interaction: The instructor looks forward to interacting with learners in the online moderated discussion area to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have on the course content.


I wanted to take a few minutes to thank our Allegra instructors for all of the courses they've put out. I've already taken a few of these, and have appreciated all of them so far.

I was surprised to see this new "Starting Your Own Business in Health & Healing" course offered. It shows that this team is constantly putting together new material. It is appreciated.

With the recent changes in healthcare, we're seeing more and more alternative health practitioners becoming part of the growing interdisciplinary healthcare team. That, along with the expanding multi-cultural patient market, pretty much requires us to learn more and more of the complementary and alternative holistic health practice options out there.

Your courses are EXCEPTIONAL! I will continue taking more and recommending them to my friends and family.

I would not change a thing on this course. The material was perfect and very helpful to specifying the study of not just business but more specific in the health field. Thank you very much for the course I had a blast with the learning of it.

Thank you so much C. Koopsen & C. Young. I'm fully convinced that this course is the best value for the money. The lessons are explained in a manner that is very easy to understand and should be taught everywhere because is very interesting. For me this course is one of the best online course I have taken so far.

I'll approach the idea of starting my own consultation and natural health/healing businesses completely different than I had planned, with both more daring creativity and with a more detailed eye to finance (or someone close at hand to take care of such for me even at start).

My confidence in running a health-oriented business has increased because of this course. The first thing I will be change is the financial plan for my health club and how we are communicating our product. Thanks to this course I see where my business can improve.

I just want to thank you again for all of your efforts in putting together so much information in these courses. I find your courses to be an invaluable resource and I always look forward to taking your courses. Again, thank you.

Thank you great class. My take away from this class is I am better prepared to start my own business. The class has been very insightful making me more confident in moving forward in my health and wellness business.