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Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search

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Lesson 1

Develop and maintain a positive attitude throughout your job hunt.

Lesson 2

Identify and prioritize the key selling points that differentiate you from your competition.

Lesson 3

Define your ideal job so you can be focused throughout your job hunt.

Lesson 4

Create resumes and cover letters that are powerful, grab attention, and make companies want to interview you.

Lesson 5

Leverage the Internet, networking, and other tools to get job interviews.

Lesson 6

Develop a business case so companies want to hire you.

Lesson 7

Use direct marketing techniques to get interviews.

Lesson 8

Prepare and practice for each and every interview including predicting and answering common interview questions.

Lesson 9

Identify and exemplify the nine traits that interviewers want in their ideal candidates.

Lesson 10

Ace your next interview opportunity by mastering the three phases of a successful job interview.

Lesson 11

Learn how to maximize your efforts and follow-up after each job interview.

Lesson 12

Be able to successfully accept, reject and negotiate job offers.






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