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Accounting Fundamentals II

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Accounting Fundamentals I & II were very informative classes for me. The instructor was great as well. She helped me understand accounting concepts that a 1000-paged textbook could not make clear for me. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is beginning the study of accounting.

I had just finished Accounting Fundamentals I when I started Accounting Fundamentals II, and I thought this class was the perfect next step. It built on the first class but didn't jump too far ahead, so I always felt comfortable with the new lessons even though it was all still new to me. I think the instructor has a very good lesson plan here and I would certainly take any other courses she offers.

I just want to thank y'all for six great weeks. I am a new American just here a few months from Canada and have learned so much about the USA accounting system. This course was great, as was part one. You are a wonderful instructor Charlene and I must say I am enjoying learning online. I hope I see a few classmates in other online courses.

I took a college Accounting course in 1983, and I took it again in 1999. I got nothing out of either of those courses. But now that I have taken your two courses, I can honestly say a light bulb has just come on......I understand the concept now. Thank you for making this seem easy. My husband owns a small business and I have tried to learn how to do the books, but have struggled. I have taken Quickbooks I and II. I should have enrolled in your courses first. I have downloaded every course I have enrolled in, now I can go back and refresh my knowledge.

Thank you for your help with accounting. I have taken both of your courses and I enjoyed then both very much. I will definitely use what I have learned from you not only for work but througout my lifetime. Thank you.

This course and part one has taught me more info then I think I learned in a two semester course at college. Charlene Messier is a great teacher. I will be taking other online courses because the educational experience was enjoyable.

I wish there were more levels of this course, but I am planning on starting my bachelor's degree in accounting at Columbus State University this summer. Thank you, Ms. Messier, for building upon the knowledge of Accounting Fundamentals. I felt more experienced with this course because it picks up where Accouting Fundamentals left off. I am going to use Accounting Fundamentals and Accounting Fundamentals II as a stepping to improve my career and my education. Before I took these courses I did not have any experience with accoutning. Two courses later and with my job, I am much more experienced.

Just completed the course and I must say that it was very informative and once again excellently done. As a business owner and the CFO of said business, taking Accounting Fundamentals and Accounting Fundamentals II has helped me run my business more efficently. Thanks to Ms. Messier's well put together online instructional methods and course materials I now have better understanding of the financial aspects of the business and I do not have to rely on our accountants as much.

I just took Accounting Fundamentals and found the lessons to be very easy to follow. It can be difficult teaching complicated topics that require a lot of forms, such as accounting, let alone in this type of format, but you somehow made it very easy! I have taken classes before that were made much more complicated than they needed to be, as a student this is very frustrating. I appreciate you taking the time to teach these classes and making the concepts easy to understand. You are a wonderful teacher. Looking forward to digging deeper into accounting.

I took Ms. Messier's first course and learned a lot as well as thoroughly enjoyed the format. My success on this pretest is directly related to her instruction, as my pretest for the first course had a very different outcome.

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