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Advanced PC Security

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As with Introduction to PC Security, Debbie Mahler has written another marvelous course in Advanced PC Security. She writes beautifully and the use of analogies is wonderful and makes tough stuff easy to understand. This is a comprehensive and challenging course and very worthwhile; but made easier because of Debbie's great style and manner.

Debbie Mahler is a great instructor. Her courses are the most informative courses I have taken online. The information covered in the course continues to help me long after the courses are completed.

Excellent course and perfect follow-up to the introductory PC security course.

Excellent course. I am still digesting the information. Very informative. Thank you for an excellent course.

Excellent presentation of the material. There were some tough lessons, but the instructor did an outstanding job in making it understandable. I learned lots of very valuable information from this course.

Great course - I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in implementing stronger security measures. Highly recommended for small business. Thanks.

Ms Mahler's classes are among the best I've taken. She explains a complicated subject in an understandable concise manner.

I want to commend you on this class, the way you structured and covered your material, and explained the procedure on how to perform the utility and access the data…great class!

You are a great teacher. I have never read a lecture, lesson, or notes that were so enjoyable. I can tell you love what you do because it shows and comes alive in your words. I felt like I was sitting in a actual classroom with you teaching. I think that is pretty remarkable…Thank you so much for being there every time I had a question or problem. Please keep doing what you are doing. It is very refreshing to an adult student who is middle aged and has many obligations. Once again, thank you.

This was the most fun schooling I've had in a long time. Thanks for making it so interesting. I actually looked forward to doing the lessons, and I can't wait to continue practicing what I've learned here.

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