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The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks

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Aaron did a very good job of making a dry subject interesting and enjoyable. His addition of personal experiences was also humorous. His discussion responses were to the point and supportive. I would recommend his course for anyone interested in stocks and investing.

Aaron, GREAT class. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot! I like your style of teaching, you made a tough and complicated subject, with some DRY material, come to life through stories and some life lessons. Thank you.

I had been looking for a course like this for years. This course should have some great applications in the real world.

I had very little understanding of stocks which is why I took this course. This class most definitely exceeded my expectations. Aaron did an excellent job of conveying detailed technical information in a useful and practical manner. I feel that I now have useful tools to finally make intelligent decisions when picking stocks. Thanks, Aaron!

I have a BS in Bus. Admin. and I feel I learned more in the 2 classes that Aaron taught than I did in college!! This opened my eyes to the finance world and I thoroughly enjoyed both classes. Thank you, Aaron.

I have been trying to learn more about the method of investments and stocks since I became disabled eight years ago. I read books in regards to this area but they are very dry and technical, this course was created by an instructor who has excellent insight into the understanding of how to communicate this information in a fashion to benefit everyone who takes the time to take the course. I have recommended this course to many of my friends who also are interested about the same information. Aaron is a wonderful instructor and I look forward to taking his next class on stocks. Thanks so much for the insight!

Terrific course, I learned a great deal. I'd been trying to grasp this stuff using various texts, but not doing too well at it. After this course, I feel like I can actually read a financial statement and get something useful from it. The material was explained incredibly well. I was very happy with the promptness and quality of responses to my questions.

The course content and instructor were far beyond what I expected. I learned more from twelve lessons than I would have learned in years of self research and study!

This 61-year-old grandmother was able to understand and enjoy this class. No one should hesitate to take it because they fear it will be too difficult. I learned a lot about placing a value on stocks.

This course has equipped me with tools that have increased my confidence in being able to pick great companies for a good price. I've already been putting these tools into practice in building my stock portfolio.

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