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Helping Elderly Parents

$149.00 (USD)

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Lesson 1

Understand tools and techniques for effective communication.

Lesson 2

Understand the importance of capturing family history and helping parents maintain zest for life.

Lesson 3

Learn ways to handle a lifetime's accumulation of belongings and simplify life for you and your parents.

Lesson 4

Learn what legal documents your parents need to prepare in advance as part of their estate planning.

Lesson 5

Understand what information you need to learn from your parents while they are still able to give it to you.

Lesson 6

Recognize and learn techniques to handle the gamut of emotions resulting from your loved ones' transitions.

Lesson 7

Understand various types of help available for you and your aging parents and where to find it.

Lesson 8

Learn when and how to choose different living arrangements with your parents.

Lesson 9

Understand how to evaluate and choose a nursing home or assisted care facility.

Lesson 10

Learn how to communicate with your parent and what your role is after the move to assisted care.

Lesson 11

Understand issues in dealing with death as a life event.

Lesson 12

Understand the grief process and issues that may come up with a surviving spouse.






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