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Become a Veterinary Assistant II: Canine Reproduction

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Doc, I really enjoyed this class and learned more than I ever imagined. thanks, Evelyn I plan to breed my dog soon so this class was very helpful and informative. I will be using what I learned in this course to assist me during the upcoming breeding process.

I enjoyed this course and I also put some of my knowledge to work last week when I took my bulldog in to see if she was ready to breed. I told my vet I was taking a class, and he let me make a decision on her progress. Then, he told me I was actually correct.

I have really enjoyed this class. I have been in the dog industry for over 50 years and with this course I learned things that I never knew. Thank you for offering this class.

I hope to become a Veterinary Assistant as a second career after I retire from teaching elementary school in two years. This class was very interesting to me and easy to fit into my busy schedule. I enjoyed Dr. Jeff's teaching style, presenting basic information clearly and concisely and then giving resources for further investigation.

I really enjoyed the class. I thought the lessons were interesting and informative. The stlye was great. I found Jeff's writing to be very entertaining. I will be signing up for more classes soon! I have already recommended this class to other breeders. Thank you!

This course was very helpful. I have bred my Golden Retriever twice, luckily with little or no complications. I feel that if I'm going to be a serious breeder I need courses like this one to know what to do. I will be taking Becoming a Veterinary Assistant also.

Wonderful course, I feel more confident in beginning breeding my dogs. Thank you for providing such a great opportunity to learn about veterinary care online.

This course gave me the insight I needed to pursue dog breeding, and a lot of information that I was unaware of as a dog owner. I feel much more confident as a dog owner knowing the signs of things which can effect older dogs, not just puppies.

This is an amazing course that offers a vast amount of information about caring for you own animals and others that I don't believe can be given in any other program, especially for the price.

This class was formed in such a way that all of the information could easily be processed and learned within a short time. Dr. Jeff and all of his staff helped to answer any questions we had, or just simply give feedback on our assignment answers, which allowed us to dig more into research. I thought it was well worth my time!

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