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Become a Veterinary Assistant

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I loved taking this class from a vet's perspective...I am using this course to hopefully get me a job at a veterinarian office. I feel much more knowledgeable about all matters of a vet's office!

Wow! Thank you, Dr.Jeff and assistants, what an amazing course! I really learned so much. Dr. Jeff made this course so much fun. This was my first online course and what a great experience. I plan on taking more of your courses in the future. Thank you!

I loved this course. I've always wanted to work in the field of veterinary medicine and this class has definitely helped me learn a lot of topics. I feel as if this course will help me get to where I'd like to be in my career. I also thought that the instructor was very experienced on the subject and very helpful.

This course was a great experience for me. I had no idea, until I began this course, all the knowledge I gained from every chapter. This course was very encouraging and I highly recommend the instructor for all his professional skills. I would recommend anyone to take this course whom is looking into advancing as a veterinary assistant course. Thank you, Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeff and Tracy the assistant were the best! This is my first online course ever, and it surpassed my expectations for what online learning would be like. I felt engaged, not isolated. Also, the little interactive activities embedded in the lessons were so helpful. I learn best when I can use and work with the information.

The instructor was excellent. He made my online learning very educational and interesting. I enjoyed all his lessons and will absolutely sign up for his other courses. I definitely recommend him! Thank you for your lessons.

This course was very informative and Dr. Jeff's curriculum was spot-on. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to work as a veterinary assistant or to a pet owner who wants to be more knowledgeable as it relates to their pet's care.

This course was really well designed and easy to follow. The information was extremely pertinent and covered many necessary basics not only to becoming a veterinarian assistant, but to simply be a good pet owner. The instructor was very friendly, always answered questions quickly and accurately, and encouraged discussion among the students as well.

I was really impressed with this course. Jeff Grognet has a way of transmitting information that was not only thorough, but showed a lot of compassion for pets, their owners, and those who work with them. He shared his experiences in the field which was helpful and educational...I liked the breadth of information offered, from medical to office management to CPR and on. I liked that the final allowed me to refer back to the lessons to find answers -- doing this really made me review everything...I'll be referring back to this course often as my work with animals continues.

This course was fantastic! Easily managed but packed with information. The course layout on the website was also amazing...I was even able to print and save the lessons so I could keep reviewing it in the future! The instructor's expertise was impressive...The little games and quizzes helped to add a bit of that charm that's usually lost in an online course of this type. I would definitely recommend this course to others and I would love to take the next two courses in this series in the future.

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