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Become an Optical Assistant

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I really enjoyed this course it is easy to understand, simple and it got right to the point. You learn everything you need to know so quickly and before you know it you are finished with the lesson. Then you are so excited about what you have learned, that you just want to start the next lesson right away so you can learn even more.

This was a very interactive course. Although I am familiar with some of the info, I still learned a lot. The matching charts were very helpful too. I would take it again and would recommend it to anyone going into this field.

This is my first experience with an online course and it was a wonderful one. I would do it again, I recommend it to anyone. Great!

I normally don't like long courses and hours to study... Plus it was a nice pace for older students that haven't had a course in a while... You have encouraged me to continue on with my goals... in this exciting new career. Thank you Patricia

This course was an excellent way to expand knowledge in the optical assisting field. Its also a great way to get a head start if you're interested in certification or licensing. I enjoyed this class and recommend it to others.

This is one of the only beginners courses I have found online for optical assisting and I have learned a lot. It was very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this field.

The course itself and its content were fantastic. I learned much more than I had expected. The Instructor is knowledgeable of the course subject matter. I am ready to pursue a career in this field and I will recommend this course to others

I enjoyed this class more than any of the others I've taken on-line from a variety of schools. The instructor was EXCELLENT!!!

I'm an optical manager at a retail optical chain. This is an awesome home study class for any one new in the field or for anyone who need to polish up on their optics. I will recommend that all my employees take this class as well as the district.

I truly enjoyed this course, I am so happy I found it. It gave me a greater understanding of the responsibilities, requirements and vocabulary needed for this field. It was just the right length, not overwhelming, and the format was easy.

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