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Beginner's Guide to Getting Published

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I just heard that a major magazine is publishing an article I submitted last week. Before submitting, I meticulously followed the formatting guidelines from this class and was shocked at how much better it looked. I guess first impressions do make a difference.

Thank you for helping me get the courage to write a controversial piece. I am currently involved with having my name listed on a book that is in the process of being published. It will be exciting to walk into Barnes & Noble and find my name on the title page of a book!

There sure are a lot of things you need to know before you can even think about getting your work published. It's not just about the writing - that's the easy part! Now that I have all this information, I'm more focused than before. Thanks!

This course was extremely helpful to me. I have already won $200 in a writing contest that I only entered because of a class assignment, and I just got word that an article I wrote is scheduled to be published in the fall! Thanks to Ms. Krusemark for all of her instruction. I'm on my way now!

This is my second time taking this course. I took it first five years ago, and it got me started writing and filling in the gaps in my writing skills. I have since that time had 22 pieces published - articles, short stories and essays.

Since I'd already read several books about getting published I wasn't sure how useful this class would be, but it was definitely worth my time. You introduced me to some great tools and taught me to use them properly. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found myself looking forward to each lesson. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your expertise with me and your other students.

I had taken another publishing course last year, but I was not confident to go forward with submitting short stories, poems and a completed manuscript. With everything I have learned through your course, I am very excited to move forward with my plans.

My main reason for taking this course was first, to learn how to do things right, and second how to avoid making novice mistakes. Now that I have taken your course I feel more confident that I can proceed on the right track and I want to thank you for your knowledge, references, and a solid background of how to proceed successfully.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the depth and scope of this course. You have answered all of the many questions I have had about publishing. Now, thanks to your step-by-step, in depth publishing course, I can publish my many stories...Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for building this course. I felt like a little kid left in the big city when I imagined what trying to get anything published would be like. Now, it's not that scary. I know I can do this! You've made a huge difference for me and my dream!

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