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Introduction to Biology

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For someone who took biology more than 40 years ago, I found the information fairly easy to absorb. I appreciated the analogies used by instructor to get the information across to her students. They made it easier for me to understand the concepts she was teaching. I hope I have an opportunity to take another course with Rene.

I really enjoyed this Biology class. I thought it was going to be too difficult for me, but actually it wasn't. The course was very informative, interesting and had just enough touches of humor and real life examples so that I could understand the material. While I don't think I've grasped all of it, this will certainly be material that I will go back to for greater understanding. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn this material and thank you to our instructor Rene, for caring enough to take an otherwise "scary" bit of material and bring it to light the way she has, in a condensed, hit the high points of the course. I'll look for another course taught by Rene and be even further enlightened!

I like the instructors analogies and how they related to the subject matter, like comparing a cell to a house. I thought the class was well thought out and presented in a logical manner. I loved the length of each class - giving you enough information to learn, but not over whelming. I enjoyed the class thoroughly.

This course was just right for me. I have read & studied a lot of biology over the years, but I wanted a simple, up-to-date review and that's what I got. Nicely written; I especially liked the analogies, they were great. The assignments were interesting and fun.

I found this course, Introduction to Biology, fascinating and a valuable update of my education of science. The instructor was excellent and responded to my questions with great depth. The span of the course is correct for its length. I hope there will be a follow-on course with a focus on plant biology and fungi.

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable class! Through your illustrations and analogies you made learning these concepts easy and fun! I really enjoyed it!

I enrolled in this Ed2Go course as a refresher of basic biology since my last biology course was during high school back in 1972. My intention is to enroll in a for-credit college level biology course/lab. This Ed2Go online biology class suited my needs perfectly. In addition, I was so fascinated by the discussion of chemistry and how it relates to biology, that I am currently enrolled in the online chemistry course! Learning is Life Long!

Thank you for all the information that you included in the course, especially for connecting theory to the everyday life, which made it easier to understand some mechanisms. I really enjoyed this course and I can actually say that I regret it's over.

Enjoyed the class, liked your way of teaching. You are making students understand the material not just simply memorize it! I did not study for a while and this was a good refresher for me.

I really enjoyed this course and felt that I learned a lot from it. I was pleased to see that the instructor used real life comparisons to help me better understand concepts. I really enjoyed this class and will enjoy using this new knowledge in my everyday life.

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