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Building Teams That Work

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Great course. It will help me now and in the future. I liked the interaction with the instructor and classmates. It was very helpful for my non-profit work.

Great course. It will help me now and in the future. I liked the interaction with the instructor and classmates. Very helpful for my non-profit work.

I am a group leader in a warehouse environment. I took this course because the people in my department are so diverse in personality, work ethic, attitude etc. I would like to see us become more of a team, all working to get the job done efficiently and correctly. I wanted you to know that even though your lessons seemed directed toward office personnel, I found myself trying to find ways to use the information here, out on the floor with the crew I have. The course has also helped me in evaluating my way of delegating the work and trusting the people to accomplish what I give them. I'm looking forward to other courses.

Thanks so much for the insight. This course made me re-evaluate how many teams that I am on work together. I have noticed the different personalities there are within in a team and also how they affect each team member. The hardest part of being on a team is dealing with the range of personalities and those that you conflict with.

Thank you for making this course easy to understand. I will be well armed in my future with the teams that I will be on. From charters to conflict, I have it covered. The most important thing that I have learned is to stay on track and do the best to get the task accomplished in a timely manner. Thank you again.

This was a very useful course for me. Although I was familiar with a lot of the material, putting it all together in this format was very valuable.

Vivian, Thank you for an informative, well organized, and very enjoyable class. I will be recommending this course to my administration, and to my colleagues in teaching. Although I am past most of my formal team participation, I found your course very useful for more fully implementing the team concept in my classroom. This was a true growth experience - my first online course - the successful experience with you and our class has motivated me to consider more online work. I have already enrolled in a new course.

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