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Business and Marketing Writing

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As a marketing professional, I found this course to be very applicable to my everyday work. The grammar portion was particulary helpful, and made me more aware that I need to do more work in this area.

I found this course to be extremely beneficial as I am pursuing a career in the PR/Marketing field. The editing and proofreading chapter was very helpful and I apply what I've learned each day. I also enjoyed the writing style of the course and looked forward to each lesson as it was released.

I found your class to be very useful in my daily projects as a marketing brand manager. I've been able to strengthen the pieces I write, even in emails. I appreciated the direct and friendly style and the imaginative example sentences.

I liked the way the course covered everything from the writing process itself to grammar and punctuation to ethics. Very well-rounded and useful.

Thank you for a great term! I really enjoyed the course. I apply my new knowledge every day.

The course content was practical and immediately useful to me in my daily work. The lessons were written and organized well, and the assignments were relevant and interesting. I would definitely take another course from this excellent instructor.

This course is helping me tremendously. I keep copies of the lessons at my desk.

This course provides an excellent foundation for anyone entering the Marketing field.

This course was my first continuing education course. Because I had such a great experience with Business and Marketing Writing, I will take more continuing education courses in the near future!

You gave me a wonderful introduction to the combined subjects of writing and marketing. I enjoyed this course immensely. This course also made me realize how much fun this field could be. In short, this little course was a surprise to find, and a delight as it unfolded. It has changed my thinking and (I suspect) my future.

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