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C++ for the Absolute Beginner

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At first I was skeptical about taking an online course as I never took one before, however after the first few lessons I had no cause to worry. This online course has taught me better than most actual classroom courses have and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in getting a sound tutorial in this subject, regardless of experience as a programmer.

Great class! Covered everything you need to know to get you started. Sometimes "beginner" classes don't start out at the beginner level. I knew nothing going in and was quite comfortable with the level that this course started with. Thanks!

Helped a lot. I now feel like I can start doing independent projects to increase my learning. Before I couldn't understand all the jargon online. Now it all makes sense. Thank you, Mr. Kent.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I recommend everyone interested in a technical field take a similar course. Thank you,this course really motivated me to take advanced courses in this area.

Jeffrey is one of the best professors I have ever had the privileged to study with. Being my first online course, I wasn't sure it would work out for me. I usually flourish with human-to-human contact. By the second week with Jeffrey and his clear, fun, and uplifting writing style, I knew I had made the right decision. And I felt that my professor was just as accessible as any teacher I have had. I appreciate this experience so much; I look forward to signing up for another online class with my school, and hopefully with Jeffrey.

The course was done quite well, and I liked the approach to how it was taught, good style. The course work explained concepts very well, and made it easier to understand.

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